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MODEL 317 E  / 318 E

                                                TRAVELING AXLE

                                                                     35 OR 50 TON
                                             The 317 and 318 trailers feature a one-piece, 4-beam frame designed with
                                             low-load and a 29” full width, rigid flat approach plate. Operators can easily
                                             and safely load a wide variety of equipment without the use of ramps or blocks,
                                             eliminating the possibility of damage from high centering or dragging the load
                                             over an abrupt approach. The Landoll approach plate can be used for additional
                                             load deck space and has four tie down chain slots. The 317 series is ideal for
                                             transporting forklifts, asphalt pavers, and other low profile equipment.

                                                                          •   Field Installed Options
                                      • Optional 62,000 lb. Dock Level    • Self Contained Hydraulic Power
                                        Hydraulics                        • Dock Level Hydraulics
                                      • Load from Ground to 57” Dock      • Remote Controls
                                        Height                            • Bulkheads

         • Easy to Operate Hydraulic Controls  • Additional Loaded Deck Space     • Fabricated Four I-Beam Frame
         • Selector Valve for Dock Legs       • Equipped with Six Tie Down Slots  • Jr. I-Beam on 8” Centers
                                              • Full Width Flat Approach Plate,       • Heavy Duty Steel Plate Over Wheels
                                               No Hinge
                                              • Load a Wide Variety of Equipment

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