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                                        CONTAINER TRAILER

        • Heavy duty frame and undercarriage  •  Jost 2-Speed Crank Down Landing   • The standard four strap winches with
         are built for many years of rugged   Gear                                 opposing hooks and 4 “D” ring tie
         service and strong enough to haul                                         downs are conveniently located for
         other rental equipment or automotive                                      efficiently securing the container.

        • The rugged approach plate quickly   • The 12,000 lb. worm gear winch is   • Conveniently located hydraulic
         lifts and then aligns the container for   standard equipment.             controls are easy to understand and
         loading.                            • Adjustable container stops offer    provide safe operation.
                                              flexibility to haul various lengths of   • The optional self-contained engine
                                              containers.                          hydraulics supply all hydraulic power
                                                                                   needed for full operations of the
                                                                                   trailer function (not pictured).

        •  Centralized Grease System        •  Left Side Tool Box 42”W x 28”D x 9H  •  4 “D” Rings, 4 Rachets with Hooks

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