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Brillion Our History

At Brillion, our roots go way back - all the way to the early 1900s.  We are very proud of our heritage and the products we have introduced to the market.  With every addition to the product line-up, one constant remains in place.  All products are designed to be productive, long-lasting, and durable for years to come.

Take a look back as we review the new products of the early days all the way to where we are today!

Early 1900


Brillion started producing the first Pulverizer in the industry. The smooth roller wheels of this product broke clods to provide a finer and firmer seedbed as compared to finishing the seedbed with a drag or harrow. This practice created improved seed to soil contact for better seed germination. Different styles of wheels for different soil types and conditions were introduced over the years. The X-Fold model introduced in 1981 allowed the machine to hydraulically fold into an “X” configuration for narrow, compact road transport and was equipped with an automatic transport lock system that is operated with the folding operation. This feature is still used on today’s models.


History-Seeder-270x216px.jpgBrillion introduced the Sure-Stand Grass Seeder to the farming industry. The front rollers crush lumps, press down small stones and form a firm seedbed. The precision seed metering devices meter out seed onto the well-prepared seedbed. The rear rollers split the shallow ridges formed by the front rollers and gently firm the soil around the tiny seeds within the top ½” for top germination and fast emergence. The Sure-Stand Grass Seeder revolutionized the method of seeding grasses. The Brillion Sure-Stand method of seeding is still the standard by which seeders are measured today.


History-Pulvi-Mulcher-270x197px.jpgThe Brillion Pulvi-Mulcher was introduced. This product, also a first in the industry, allowed the soil to be tilled and firmed at the same time. The front pulverizer roller breaks down soil clods and lumps while cultivator teeth in the middle bring moist soil into the growth zone.  The rear pulverizer roller levels and firms the seedbed.  Previous practices required separate operations for tilling and firming of the soil or seedbed.  Brillion continues to dominate this market today with many model sizes and pulverizer wheel combinations available.


History-CD-Soil-Builder-270x121px.jpgBrillion was a pioneer in conservation tillage practices with the introduction of the Soil Builder. This machine replaced the primary tillage operation of the moldboard plow. The front coulter gangs cut up corn stalks and other residue so trash flows through the machine. The rugged chisel shanks fitted with helical moldboards and miniature plow points rip down through the plow pan. The resulting ridges speeds the bacterial decaying process and allows more surface area for rapid warming in the spring. At the time of introduction, the Soil Builder used 37% less fuel than a moldboard plow and covered 50% more acres in a day’s time. Brillion still makes this basic machine as well as larger and various model styles for today’s farming industry.


History-Ag-Seeder-270x155px.jpgA new generation of seeders was introduced. The SS8, 10, 12 and SL8, 10, 12 models were available as three-point hitch or pull-type drawbar models. Standard features included 218% larger capacity legume seed boxes, flange mounted roller bearings and hydraulic transport wheels on the drawbar models. Operator efficiency was greatly increased with less time filling seed boxes and easy transportation between job sites.


History-Land-Commander-Original-270x84px.jpgThe Land Commander, a disc-ripper-disc, was designed to help the farmer meet the goals of the Conservation Compliance Program and the demands of the new high horsepower tractors. This machine gave the farmer total control of his primary tillage operation and reduced the number of operations required to cut and incorporate residue, remove compaction and level the soil surface in one pass.


History-Turfmaker-II-Seeder-270x142px.jpgBrillion continued as a leader in the Turf Seeder market with the introduction of the Turfmaker II model, a new generation of precision grass seeders for professional landscapers, turf and sod producers. Standard features included a 250% larger seed box, high capacity metering system and electric clutch.  Brillion still offers the Turfmaker II Seeder today in boh pull-type models and three-point hitch models with added features such as seed box sight windows.  


History-Overseeder-270x189px.jpgThe BOS Overseeder was introduced for revitalizing bare and worn areas of golf courses and sports fields by reseeding into the existing turf.  The PTO driven rotor cuts narrow, shallow slots into which the seed is placed.  The rear roller then firms the seed into the soil.  The seeding operation is all done without destroying the existing turf.  The BOS Overseeder incorporated Brillion's expertise on precise seed placement and seed to soil contact to assure the best germination rates.  The BOS Overseeder has been replaced with the Till 'N Seed® in the Brillion seeder line-up.

History-Zone-Commander-270x175px.jpgThe Zone Commander was developed for zone tillage practice applications. These machines, designed as a compaction management tool, prepare the planting zone for row crops in a one pass operation. The front coulters cut residue and loosen the soil. Next, the deep tillage shank cuts through compaction as deep as 21” while leaving minimal surface disturbance. Optional closing coulters and firming baskets or rollers were offered at one time to build and firm planting berms.


History-LSS6-Seeder-270x278px.jpgThe LSS6 Skid Steer Landscape Seeder was introduced to meet the demands of the landscape industry. The dual mounting feature allows the seeder to be mounted on a Cat. I three-point hitch tractor or to a skid steer with a quick attach plate. The bi-directional versatility permits the seeder to be pushed or pulled and maneuvered into close quarters.  The LSS6 features the blade agitator metering system.  This field proven system, which allows the metering of a wide variety of seed sizes with seed rates from very light to very heavy, is used on other Brillion Landscape Seeders and is noted for accuracy and reliability.  The LSS6 Skid Steer Landscape Seeder is still in the Brillion seeder line-up today and is a very popular tool with landscapers and other contractors.


History-Land-Commander-III-270x155px.jpgThe third generation Land Commander® III is the machine of choice for managing residue, controlling compaction and leaving a level field surface. This disc/ripper/disc showcased new features such as heavy-duty coil spring reset shank assemblies, trunnion mounted disc gang bearings, heavy-duty wheel hubs and tires, maintenance free UHMW-PE transport axle bearings and longer frame for improved performance.  Models with individual front disc configurations were also introduced after the Land Commander III made its initial debut.  These models were asked for by customers operating in extremely rocky conditions; the individual style discs facilitate easier disc blade and bearing maintenance.


History-Soil-Builder-II-270x177px.jpgThe Brillion Soil Builder and Super Soil Builder coulter chisel have helped convert thousands of farmers from the moldboard plow to a conservation tillage system.  The Soil Builder II was designed with today's conservation tillage farmer in mind.  The Soil Builder II featured larger cutting coulters, heavier shanks, greater trash clearance, and stronger frames to handle today's heavier residue conditions and higher horsepower.  Folding Soil Builder II models were also introduced to allow more ground to be worked faster, while still providing maximum residue management.

History-Food-Plot-Seeder-270x197px.jpgBrillion applied its years of experience as a leader in the agricultural and landscape seeder industry to the Food Plot Seeder. The Food Plot Seeder is designed to operate under a wide variety of conditions and plant numerous grasses, legumes, small grains, and other blends and mixes. The key to positive seeding results is optimum seed to soil contact. The Food Plot Seeder has the features to provide the necessary seedbed preparation, the seed metering and placement, as well as seedbed finishing, all of which provide a state of the art food plot.


History-Wing-Float-Pulverizer-270x131px.jpgThe Wing Float Pulverizer, the second generation of the X-Fold Series, continues Brillion’s market leadership of durable, long lasting and productive seedbed preparation equipment. The patented Wing Float Pulverizer design allows the wing sections to float and follow the ground contour independently of the center section. The new wing float technology allows the weight of each wing and center section to be distributed evenly across each section, providing a consistently firm seedbed across the entire working width of the Pulverizer. The firming weight range from 180 lbs. to 280 lbs. per foot crushes clods, firms the seedbed and eliminates air pockets for optimum seed to soil contact. The new 8” diameter roller axles provide a stronger, more robust design and eliminate the need for center supports and bearings.

History-Till-N-Seed-270x226px.jpgThe Till ‘N Seed® was developed from customer inputs and needs for an implement to renovate and inter-seed into bare areas and poorly established crop conditions in a one pass operation. The versatility of this seeder makes it a great implement for pasture renovation, restoring sports fields and planting food plots. The ground driven double rotor system minimally tills the seedbed and incorporates the seed into the soil. The floating rear roller firms the seedbed and removes air pockets for optimum seed to soil contact for enhanced germination rates. The choice of one or two seed metering systems for large or small seeds offers the versatility to plant a wide variety of grasses.


History-4630-36-Folding-Seeder-270x203px.jpgFor those customers with big seeding jobs to take on, the 4630-36 Folding Seeder was introduced so 36 feet can be seeded with one pass around the field.  The 4630-36 Folding Seeder combines the iconic Brillion Sure-Stand Seeder and the proven hitch design from the three-section Landoll Grain Drill.  This provides a state of the art machine with a quick transition from road transport of 13 feet 6 inches to a full seeding width in a matter of minutes, right from the comfort of the tractor cab.  One of the key features of the 4630-36 is the ability of the main frame to allow each of the three seeders to operate completely independently of each other.  That equates to the ability to seed 36 feet in one pass with the convenience and field hugging features of a 12 foot machine.


History-Large-Wing-Float-Pulverizer-270x203px.jpgThe Wing Float Pulverizer line-up was expanded to include larger model sizes.  Wing Float Pulverizer models are now available in sizes from 22 feet all the way up to 46 feet.  While integrating many of the same features of the smaller Wing Float Pulverizers, these larger models incorporate a larger center section but still fold to a manageable transport width and height that allows for safe road travel and a compact package for storage.  These larger models also utilize patented wing float technology that permits each wing to float independently from the center section allowing the entire machine to follow the ground's contours.


History-2511-Zone-Commander-270x134px.jpgThe redesigned Zone Commander was introduced to customers looking for an in-line deep ripper.  The concept behind the Zone Commander remained the same – front coulters cut the residue and loosen the soil while deep tillage shanks cut slots through the compaction layers while leaving minimal surface disturbance.  Design changes included updates to the frame, shank clamp assemblies and gauge wheels, to name a few.  These changes corresponded to the updates done to the Landoll 2511 In-Row Ripper.

History-3630-Pulvi-Mulcher-270x203px.jpgThe Pulvi-Mulcher line-up saw a major improvement with the addition of the 3630 Series.  The new series incorporates wider working widths, increased trash clearance and reduced downtime.  The 36’6” model is the widest and heaviest Pulvi-Mulcher ever built by Brillion; the 30’ model is 80% heavier than previous 30’ models providing more clod crushing power.  Large 8” roller axels with heavy-duty bearings improve reliability.  Three rows of heavy-duty s-tine shanks featuring 25” of under frame clearance result in improved trash flow.  A leveling bar is located in front of the rear roller to help level ridges left by the shanks.


History-Pulverizer2015-270x203-px.jpgThe X, XL and XXL Folding Pulverizers were redesigned to feature Landoll’s 1 ¾” trunnion mounted bearings and 8” roller axles.  Similar to the Wing Float Series, the center bearing has been eliminated on the XL and XXL Series.  The 1 ¾” bearings now carry a 3-year limited warranty.  The telescoping drawbar was also lengthened for improved maneuverability.  Also included in this redesign is the addition of the V-Wheel.  This wheel style fits the needs of the dry land producer who wants to anchor residue and reduce wind erosion.  The wheels are mounted on 6” centers to improve their ability to crush clods.

Products displayed here are for historical purposes only.  These products or variations of these products may or may not be available in today's equipment line-up from Brillion Farm Equipment.