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400 Series Scraper


Raising the Bar


The ICON 400 Series Scrapers jump to the next step in earthmoving capacity.  These units will harness the capacity of the larger articulated tractors or rubber tracked tractors.  This ability allows the contractor to utilize these units in other operations when the earthmoving job is done.  Dedicated earthmovers do not offer this versatility, setting the 400 Series apart from the competition.

Sized Right

14 or 18 yard heaped capacity sets the size for these machines.  Both sizes require 300 HP minimum to operate efficiently and safely.  These models incorporate a 360 degree quick hitch that is rated at 600 HP.  The full swivel hitch allows for one man hook-up or disconnect and protection in case of roll-over.  These units come fully assembled from the factory.  All hydraulic systems are fully charged and are ready for the job site. Two 26.5 x 25 tires carry Model 414 and four 20.5 x 25 tires take care of the larger Model 418.



Raising the Bar in Scrapers

  • 14 or 18 Yard Heaped Capacity
  • Fixed Hinge Bit
  • Roll Out Eject, Rear Lowering
  • Cast Hitch With 360 Degree Swivel for Flexibility and Roll-Over Protection
  • Quick Hitch for One Man Hook-Up and Disconnect
  • 18” Ground Clearance
  • Replaceable Cutting Edges
  • Fully Assembled at the Factory
  • Tandem Hitch Package Optional
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes Optional
  • Auxiliary Drawbar Optional
  • Yellow Industrial Paint
  • Safety Warning Lights

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414 418
Approximate Weight 20,500 lbs. (9,299 kg) 23,200 lbs. (10,523 kg)
Working Width 10 ft. 0 in. (3.0 m) 11 ft. 0 in. (3.4 m)
Capacity - Heaped 14 yards (10.7 mᵌ) 18 yards (13.8 mᵌ)
Capacity - Struck 11.2 yards (8.6 mᵌ) 16.1 yards (12.3 mᵌ)
Transport Width 10 ft. 11. in. (3.3 m) 11 ft. 11 in. (3.6 m)
Transport Height 8 ft. 10 in. (2.7 m) 8 ft. 10 in. (2.7 m)
Height With Bowl on Ground 7 ft. 4 in. (2.2 m) 7 ft. 4 in. (2.2 m)
Transport Clearance 18 in. (457 mm) 18 in. (457 mm)
Overall Length 27 ft. 6 in. (8.4 m) 27 ft. 6 in. (8.4 m)
Cutting Edge CAT, Replaceable CAT, Replaceable
Style Roll Out Eject - Rear Lowering Roll Out Eject - Rear Lowering
Hitch Cast 360 Degree Swivel Cast 360 Degree Swivel
Tire Size (2) 23.5 x 25 (4) 20.5 x 25
Depth Gauge Standard Standard
Complete Factory Assembly Standard Standard
Safety Warning Lights & SMV Emblem Standard Standard
Safety Chain Kit Standard Standard
Auxiliary Draw Bar Optional Optional
Tandem Package Optional Optional
Hydraulic Disc Brakes Optional Optional
Horsepower Requirements 300 HP (224 kW) Minimum, 400 HP (298 kW) Maximum 300 HP (224 kW) Minimum, 500 HP (373 kW) Maximum

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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This manual will familiarize you with safety, assembly, operation, adjustment, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair parts for the 414 Scraper.

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