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AG10 & 1205 Scraper & Carry-All


The Industry’s Best All-Around Earthmoving System

The AG10 from ICON is engineered around years of innovations and features that have been tested in the demanding industrial sector.  These features are now available in an earthmoving system that is ideally suited to your farm operation.

The patented swing wall ensures smooth, rapid and clean ejection cycles.  The front gate and eject wall are finished in dirt resisting epoxy to maintain efficiency in the stickiest of soils.  The double wall frame sidewall design increases overall strength and rigidity.  Hydraulic operation of the gate and wall is controlled by a synchro-sequencing valve.

Equipped with an exclusively designed, weight transferring front dolly, the AG10’s carrying capacity is partially transferred to the tractor hitch to assist with traction when loading.  Able to cut a full 8 foot width with each pass, the AG10 can quickly handle 10 yards of material.

Because Dirt is Never In the Right Place


When it comes to moving dirt from one area to another, nothing beats the performance of the 1205 Carry-All.  Equipped with a 12 foot cutting blade, the 1205 can quickly load up to 5.5 yards of material at heaped capacity and hold it for transport with the aid of its front double clam-shell door.

Height adjustment up to 18” provides precise depth control, as well as plenty of clearance when dumping loads or transporting a load over uneven terrain.  The 1205 is a nice match for your average sized farm tractor with three hydraulic remotes.  Whether you use it as a box scraper, grader or earthmover, the 1205 Cary-All was the built with the idea that dirt is never in the right place.


AG10 Scraper

  • Industrial Design Adapted to the Agricultural Market
  • 10 Yard Capacity
  • Patented Swing Wall Ensures Smooth Ejection Cycles
  • Epoxy Coated Gate and Wall Frame to Resist Sticky Soils
  • Double Wall Side Frames
  • Extra Heavy-Duty Wheels, Hubs and Spindles
  • Synchro-Sequencing Valve Gate and Wall
  • Weight Transfer Dolly Wheel
  • Industrial Rated Hoses and Cylinders
  • 22” Ground Clearance
  • 15 x 19.5 Front Tires
  • 20.5 x 25 Rear Tires
  • 10 Bolt Hubs
  • Pintle Swivel Hitch
  • Yellow Industrial Paint
  • Safety Warning Lights

1205 Carry-All

  • 5.5 Yard Capacity
  • Double Clam-Shell Door
  • Box Beam Frame Construction
  • Hydraulic Tilt for Precise Grading
  • Industrial Rated Hoses and Cylinders
  • 18” Ground Clearance
  • 12.5L x 15-12 Ply Tires
  • 8 Bolt Hubs
  • Single Lip Hitch
  • Yellow Industrial Paint
  • Safety Warning Lights

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AG10 Scraper 1205 Carry-All
Approximate Weight 17,512 lbs. (7,943 kg) 7,450 lbs. (3,379 kg)
Working Width 8 ft. 0 in. (2.4 m) 12 ft. 0 in. (3.7 m)
Capacity - Heaped 10 yards (7.6 mᵌ) 5.5 yards (4.2 mᵌ)
Capacity - Struck 8.4 yards (8.4 mᵌ) 4.25 yards (3.2 mᵌ)
Transport Width 9 ft. 0 in. (2.7 m) 12 ft. 10 in. (3.9 m)
Transport Height 7 ft. 0 in. (2.1 m) 6 ft. 6 in. (2.0 m)
Transport Clearance 22 in. (559 mm) 18 in. (457 mm)
Overall Length 29 ft. 0 in. (8.8 m) 16 ft. 10 in. (5.1 m)
Cutting Edge 3 Piece, 4 ft. (1.2 m) Frost Bit w/2ft. (0.6m) Edges 2 Piece, 6 in. (152 mm) Hardened Steel
Bowl Opening 45.3125 in. (1151 mm) N/A
Hitch Pintle Swivel Hitch Single Lip
Tire Size - Front (2) 15L x 19.5 N/A
Tire Size - Rear (2) 20.5L x 25 (4) 12.5L x 15, 12 Ply
Spindle Size - Front 3.125 in. (79 mm) N/A
Spindle Size - Rear 4.5 in. (114 mm) 2.75 in. (69.9 mm)
Wheel Hubs - Front 10-Bolt, 12,000 lb. (5,443 kg) N/A
Wheel Hubs - Rear 10-Bolt, 20,000 lb. (9,072 kg) 8-Bolt, 6,500 lb. (2,948 kg)
Hydraulic Circuits Required 2 2.5
Safety Warning Lights & SMV Emblem Standard Standard
Safety Chain Kit Standard Standard
Horsepower Requirements Not Published Not Published

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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This manual will familiarize you with safety, assembly, operation, adjustment, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair parts for the AG10 Scraper.

This manual will familiarize you with safety, assembly, operation, adjustment, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair parts for the 1205 Carry-All.

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