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Bottom Dump MODEL 402B-B


Tandem Converter Dolly

When you need to convert your semi-trailers to trains then just choose the Landoll’s 402B-B Converter Dolly.  This tandem axle dolly supports the heaviest payloads with its durable construction and delivers a smooth ride.  You choose one of thirteen hitch lengths to create the axle spacing, wheel base and weight distribution that works best in your region.


Standard Equipment

  • *Capacity:  40,000 lbs.
  • Estimated Base Weight:  6,150 lbs.
  • Main Frame:  Tubular Design
  • Jack Stand:  Standard with Hitch
  • Tires:  11R 22.5 Radial LRG Double Coin
  • Wheels:  Hub Pilot 10-Hole Disc Steel
  • Hubs:  Steel Hubs / Outboard Brake Drums
  • Axles:  2 - 25,000 Lb. Tandem Dual Tire, Oil Bath Bearings
  • Suspension:  4 - Spring 3 Leaf
  • Brakes:  16.5x7 Full Air Brakes ABS, 4S2M
  • Oil Seal Hubs:  Internal Mated Assembly
  • Swing Clearance:  69"
  • Width:  96"
  • Air / Electrical:  Glad Hands / 7-Way Receptacle
  • Lights:  Sealed, Potted, "LED", Grommet Mounted with Sealed Wiring Harness
  • Finish:  Steel Grit Shot Blast to Bright Metal
  • Powder Coat Color:  White / Black / Yellow / Blue / Red / Green
  • Fifth-Wheel:  Rigid Mount for 2" SAE J700b Kingpins
  • Decals:  Hi-Visibility Reflective Package
  • Hitch:  Not Included / Consult Factory, See Length Options, 2 - 3/8" I.D., Swivel Eye
  • Accessories:  Mud Flaps, Auto Slack Adjusters

Please make reference to the line drawing


*Capacity ratings are frame capacities only. Actual load capacities may be restricted by factors such as gross axle weight ratings (GAWR) or state and federal regulations.

Specifications subject to change without notice.


Tires and Rims:

  • 22.5x8.25 Aluminum Wheel 10-Bolt Polished in Lieu of Standard (Each)
  • 16.5x7 Brake Dust Cover
  • Pressure Guard Air Inflation



Choose your hitch length by choosing the model of dolly as your base unit.  Please make reference to the line drawing and determine the Model / Hitch Length (“B” measurement) you need.


402B-B Dolly 40,000 Lbs. 2 (8) 11R 22.5 Radial LRG


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Line Drawing

402B-B Line Drawing


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Home > Products > Trailers > Bottom Dump Trailers > Model 402B-B