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Rollback Carrier

Landoll's Carrier Line

Landoll manufactures rollback carriers to fit a variety of needs including transporting containers and transporting farm equipment, tractors, and forklifts. 

Rollback Carrier Loadoll II

A 20,000 lb. capacity rollback is available for your container transporting needs. 

Chain Drive Option-ContainersLandoll_Trailer_TravelingAxle_CarTrailersPage_270x160.jpg

With the addition of an optional Chain Drive System to a Landoll II 24' bed, you have the ability to power on and power off storage containers.  A 20,000 lb. gearbox and 1/2" T-80 chain is the perfect combination of power and strength to load and unload all types of containers.

Heavy Duty Equipment Carrier Loadoll III-30,000 LB Capacity

The re-designed Landoll Loadoll III is built to transport heavy industrial loads like a tractor, forklift or other heavy equipment.  The heavy duty 30,000 lb. capacity bed is available with deck lengths from 22′ through 30′ in 102” wide.  

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ROLLBACK CARRIERS 20,000 lbs. 102" 20'
HEAVY EQUIPMENT CARRIER 30,000 lbs. 7,500 lbs +/- 3% (22')
8,500 lbs +/- 3% (28')
102" 22' 26' 28'
Home > Products > Trailers > Rollback Carriers