Power Ditcher

Address your field drainage issues with the Power Ditcher, one rugged tool that will dig ditches and reshape waterways with ease. Read More…

Ditch Digging the Landoll Way
Need to control field water drainage or reshape waterways?  Look no further than a Power Ditcher from Landoll.  The PTO driven design can throw dirt, and it can throw dirt far – as far as 25’.  Material that is removed is spread evenly and will not disturb an emerging crop.

Durable and Dependable
The Landoll Power Ditcher is one rugged tool that will last for years to come.  Shielding on the rotor allows the operator to choose where the dirt will land.  The PTO drives the rotor through a chain drop box.  The rotor is adjusted by a skid shoe which determines how much material is removed in each pass.

Endless Potential
The Landoll Power Ditcher provides an entry into a niche market that has a wide variety of potential customers.  Production agricultural customers utilize the Power Ditcher any time surface drainage issues come up.  Specialty croppers can make use of the Power Ditcher when drainage needs to be addressed.  Irrigation customers use the Power Ditcher when surface water needs to be moved from one spot to another.  Landscapers and contractors can also make use of a Landoll Power Ditcher.  The potential uses are endless!

Models To Choose
The D4P, D5P and D10P models are differentiated by PTO input, either 540 or 1000 RPM and rotor diameter.  All models have shear bolt protected drive lines to protect against foreign objects in the path of the rotor.  All models offer replaceable rotor cutters.  The D4P is designed for a Cat. I – II three-point hitch while the D5P and D10P are set up for a Cat. II – III three-point hitch.  PTO coupler sizes are 1 3/8” on the three smaller models and 1 3/4” on the larger D10PH18A model.  All models are built with the quality you can only expect from Landoll.  Ditches and waterways are made easier with the Landoll Power Ditcher!


540 or 1000 RPM PTO (Model Dependent)
Adjustable Cutter Heads 16” to 18” or 18” to 20” (Model Dependent)
Adjustable Depth Control Skid
Oil Bath Chain Case with 80 Heavy or Double 80 Chain (Model Dependent)
Shear Bolt Protected Drive Line
Parking Stands
Horsepower Requirements 35 to 60 for D4P16A Model
Horsepower Requirements 50 to 100 for D5P18A Model
Horsepower Requirements 80 to 150 for D10P18A and D10PH18A Models
Blue Powder Coat Paint

Spec Tables

Power Ditcher Models

wdt_IDProduct AttributesD4P16AD5P18AD10P18AD10PH18A
1Approximate Weight355 lbs. (161 kg)525 lbs. (238 kg)525 lbs. (238 kg)530 lbs. (240 kg)
2PTO RPM540 RPM540 RPM1,000 RPM1,000 RPM
3PTO Coupler Size1.375 in. (34.9 mm)1.375 in. (34.9 mm)1.375 in. (34.9 mm)1.75 in. (44.5 mm)
4Shear Bolt Size0.3125 in. (7.9 mm) Grade 80.375 in. (9.5 mm)0.375 in. (9.5 mm)0.375 in. (9.5 mm)
5Cutter Head Speed540 RPM740 RPM740 RPM740 RPM
6Adjustable Cutter Head16 in. to 18 in. (406 to 458 mm)18 in. to 20 in. (458 to 508 mm)18 in. to 20 in. (458 to 508 mm)18 in. to 20 in. (458 to 508 mm)
7Cutter Blades(4) Replaceable Heat Treated(4) Replaceable Heat Treated(4) Replaceable Heat Treated(4) Replaceable Heat Treated
8Chain Case3 in. x 8 in. (76 x 203 mm)6 in. x 10 in. (152 x 254 mm)6 in. x 10 in. (152 x 254 mm)6 in. x 10 in. (152 x 254 mm)
9Chain#80 HDouble #80Double #80Double #80
10Sprockets15 Tooth Hardened16 and 22 Tooth Hardened16 and 22 Tooth Hardened16 and 22 Tooth Hardened


D4P Power Ditcher Operator’s Manual

D5P – D10P Power Ditcher Operator’s Manual

D4P Power Ditcher Repair Parts Manual

D5P – D10P Power Ditcher Repair Parts Manual

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