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1205 Carry-All

When it comes to moving dirt from one area to another, nothing beats the performance of the 1205 Carry-All from ICON. Read More…

Because Dirt Is Never In the Right Place

Equipped with a 12 foot cutting blade, the 1205 can quickly load up to 5.5 yards of material at heaped capacity and hold it for transport with the aid of its front double clam-shell door.

Height adjustment up to 18” provides precise depth control, as well as plenty of clearance when dumping loads or transporting a load over uneven terrain. The 1205 is a nice match for your average sized farm tractor with three hydraulic remotes. Whether you use it as a box scraper, grader or earthmover, the 1205 Carry-All was the built with the idea that dirt is never in the right place.


  • 5.5 Yard Capacity
  • Double Clam-Shell Door
  • Box Beam Frame Construction
  • Hydraulic Tilt for Precise Grading
  • Industrial Rated Hoses and Cylinders
  • 18” Ground Clearance
  • 12.5L x 15-12 Ply Tires
  • 8 Bolt Hubs
  • Single Lip Hitch
  • Yellow Industrial Paint
  • Safety Warning Lights

Spec Tables

1205 Carry-All

wdt_IDProduct Attributes1205 Carry-All
1Approximate Weight7,450 lbs. (3,379 kg)
2Working Width12 ft. 0 in. (3.7 m)
3Capacity - Heaped5.5 yards (4.2 mᵌ)
4Capacity - Struck4.25 yards (3.2 mᵌ)
5Transport Width12 ft. 10 in. (3.9 m)
6Shipping Width8 ft. 6 in. (2.6 m)
7Transport Height6 ft. 6 in. (2.0 m)
8Transport Clearance18 in. (457 mm)
9Overall Length16 ft. 10 in. (5.1 m)
10Cutting Edge6 in. (152 mm) Hardened Steel


1205 Carry-All Parts & Service Manual

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