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C Series Scraper

Handle varying soil conditions and get the job done faster for less money with the ICON C Series Pull-Type Scrapers. Read More…

Rugged and Durable

Designed with the user in mind for maximum durability with less maintenance and less down time, the C Series Scrapers from ICON can move a lot of dirt efficiently. The C Series Scrapers are rear lowering units like the 400 Series but feature a push-off (eject) wall like the 800 Series.

Sized Right

17 or 19 yard heaped capacity sets the size for these machines. All sizes require 300 HP minimum to operate efficiently and safely. These models incorporate a 360 degree quick hitch that is rated at 600 HP. The full swivel hitch allows for one man hook-up or disconnect and protection in case of roll-over. These units come fully assembled from the factory. All hydraulic systems are fully charged and are ready for the job site.


  • 17 or 19 Yard Heaped Capacity
  • Fixed Hinge Bit
  • Rear Eject Wall
  • Cast Hitch with 360 Degree Swivel for Flexibility and Roll-Over Protection
  • Quick Hitch for One Man Hook-Up and Disconnect
  • 18” Ground Clearance
  • Replaceable Cutting Edges
  • Fully Assembled at the Factory
  • Optional Tandem Hitch Package
  • Optional Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Optional Auxiliary Drawbar
  • Yellow Industrial Paint
  • Safety Warning Lights

Spec Tables

C Series Scrapers

wdt_IDProduct Attributes17C19C
1Approximate Weight23,200 lbs. (10,523 kg)23,900 lbs. (10,841 kg)
2Working Width10 ft. 0 in. (3.0 m)11 ft. 0 in. (3.4 m)
3Capacity - Heaped17 yards (13.0 mᵌ)19 yards (14.5 mᵌ)
4Capacity - Struck13.6 yards (10.4 mᵌ)16.9 yards (12.9 mᵌ)
5Transport Width10 ft. 11. in. (3.3 m)11 ft. 11 in. (3.6 m)
6Transport Height8 ft. 10 in. (2.7 m)8 ft. 10 in. (2.7 m)
7Height With Bowl on Ground7 ft. 4 in. (2.2 m)7 ft. 4 in. (2.2 m)
8Transport Clearance18 in. (457 mm)18 in. (457 mm)
9Overall Length27 ft. 6 in. (8.4 m)27 ft. 6 in. (8.4 m)
10Cutting EdgeCAT, ReplaceableCAT, Replaceable


17C & 19C Scraper Parts & Service Manual

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