Branded Products Meet Federal Requirements

GSA Contract GS-30F-0016L and GS-07F-0137M (GSA Advantage)

DLA Contract SPE8EC-13-D-0009

Landoll Corporation branded products meet the need of our service men and women. In September 2001, Landoll Corporation was awarded GSA Contract GS-30F-0016L for our Commercial Over-the-road Trailers; ICON Earth Movers, Tillage Equipment, and Brillion Seeders. Since the inception of this contract, we have been awarded four consecutive five-year extensions.

In October 2011 the Landoll Corporation entered into a contract with the DLA Troop Support to supply over-the-road trailers. DLA Contract SPE8EC-13-D-0009 offers most of the Landoll model trailers, including our specialized hydraulic traveling axle trailers.

Contract GS-07F-0137M is for Landoll Corporation’s Commercial Narrow Aisle and Very Narrow Aisle Forklifts.

The GSA and DLA Contracts are geared to meet the needs of the customer at all levels of the Federal Government, including both Federal Agencies and the Department of Defense.

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