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Non-Hydraulic Trailers

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Non-Hydraulic Trailers

Sturdy Four-Beam Non-Hydraulic

If you are looking for a simple yet sturdy trailer to haul construction equipment, the Landoll 135/150 fixed gooseneck beavertail is the choice for you. You will find many of the same rugged features on the 135/150 that Landoll is known for, such as fabricated 80,000 PSI yield material and 4″ Jr. I-Beam on 12″ centers. Other standard features include 12.25 x 7.5 full air spring brakes with 4S2M sensors, standard durable powder coat paint finish, and standard twin lockable storage areas built into the upper deck to name a few.

Hydraulics are Optional

Sometimes you just might have to winch dead loads on your trailer. With the Landoll 135 or 150, you have the option of adding hydraulic winches. Other options such 5′ aluminum and ramps and air-operated upper deck ramp are available.

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Model 135C

The Model 135C is a fixed gooseneck non-hydraulic beavertail 35-ton capacity trailer for the person that doesn’t need or want hydraulics running from their truck.

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Model 150C

The Model 150C fixed gooseneck beavertail trailer with a triple axle and 50-ton capacity was designed to haul light and heavy construction equipment without hydraulics.

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Model 135 CSY

The Model 135CSY GSA Trailer is a 40,000 LB rollerized trailer, originally designed for the Air Force. Drop deck trailer is fitted with rollers down the entire length of the lower deck to assist in loading and unloading cargo.

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