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Landoll 845 Heavy Haul Ag

Landoll 845 Heavy Haul Ag detach is designed to haul today’s bigger, wider and heavier farm equipment.  Designed to easily load and haul four wheel, track tractors and cotton picker machines.  These larger and heavier tractors can weigh up to 70,000 pounds per machine and the Landoll 845-HD was designed to haul that strength and width of equipment. The 845-HD design features all new heavier, taller crossmembers in addition [...]

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Landoll Corporation donation to the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum.

Landoll Corporation with the help of many of our key suppliers donated a 440A Traveling Axle trailer that was auctioned off in Chattanooga, TN in conjunction with the annual tow show in September of 2016.    Pictured are Thomas Tedford - Board, Jim Ladner, Philip Julian Buyer of Trailer, Kevin Fox- Board,  Don Landoll and Troy Barnett, International Towing Hall of Fame and Museum, President. About $250,000 was raised for [...]

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Next Generation Landoll Trailer

After over a year of development, this July marks the arrival of the Next Generation Landoll Trailer.  The Landoll Trailer Line is taking a huge leap forward with the introduction of the all new hydraulic operating systems, nicknamed H.O.S.S., and High Visibility Lighting package.  The 440 and 455 “A” Series Traveling Axle trailers will be the first models with these added standard features. H.O.S.S. cuts the overall [...]

April 15th, 2016|Categories: Landoll News, Trailer|0 Comments

Landoll 400A Traveling Axle Unveiled!

The Landoll Corporation Trailer Division unveiled the “Next Generation Landoll” (NGL) at their annual dealer meeting held at The Landoll World Headquarters in Marysville, Kansas, on April 24, 2015.  The 400 Series Traveling Axle Trailers are the first models that have received the new hydraulic operating systems and the all-new Grote lighting package.  Dealers saw firsthand the amazing transformation the trailers have underwent, with increased operational speed and the [...]

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