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Introducing the Next Generation Landoll!

Introducing the “Next Generation Landoll” (NGL) 900 E Series Traveling Tail Trailers.  The Traveling Tail trailer is equipped with the new hydraulic operating system, nicknamed “HOSS” and an all-new Grote lighting package.  The 900 E Traveling Tail series has been transformed with increased operational speed and the dynamic “High Visibility” lighting package that increases visual awareness and driver safety during night operations.  Overall, operational efficiencies, less heat buildup, and noise reduction, along with improved driver safety are key points in the Next Generation trailer.   Operational speed increases dramatically with the new HOSS system operating at 20 GPM.

Scalability and One Hydraulic Control – Three Functions

When payload, scale-ability, and profitability are important to you, the Model 900 E Series Landoll Traveling Tail trailer is the right choice. Whether you are a one-man operation or a national multi-store company, the Model 900 E Series Traveling Tail trailer will give a return on your investment.

The Model 900 E Series Traveling Tail trailer features one simple and user-friendly hydraulic control for three hydraulic operations. This patented design means no hydraulic lines, hinges or pins behind the hinge to contend with or maintain, reducing your costs and downtime.

Low Load Angle

900 E Series trailer frame is a 4-beam positive cambered design with the undercarriage fully supporting the hinge and tail section.  A 15′ tail provides an 11° load angle.

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Model 930E

The 930E is 35-Ton capacity and has two 25,000 lb. axles. The 930E offers tail lengths of 12′ or 15′ tails and  48′ and 51′ overall lengths.

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Model 950E

The 950E is 50-Ton capacity and has three 25,000 lb. axles. The 950E offers tail lengths of 12′ or 15′ tails and 45′, 48′ and 51′ overall lengths.

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