Articulated up to 7 m height: Szaidel Cosmetic GmbH realizes new logistics concept

Many drugstore products such as soaps, lotions, shampoos and makeup products are not made by the companies that give their name. Without a doubt, Szaidel Cosmetics belongs to the “hidden champions” of the cosmetics industry in Bruchmühlbach-Miesau near Kaiserslautern. One describes modestly as “full-service partner for the production of cosmetic products”. The offer ranges from the preparation of a recipe to the production to the packaging including the design of the same. Founded in 1984, the company has been part of the US Future Foam Group since 2016, operates a 44,000 m2 production facility in Rhineland-Pfalz for all types of cosmetics and employs around 270 people plus around 50 temporary workers, all in three shifts.

Since many thousands of tons of raw materials and finished products are moved every year, Daniel Kummerer, a project manager for logistics and production, procured new Landoll special forklifts from the USA. The importer for these special forklifts for the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany is the Dutch multi-brand forklift trading house Feyter, headquartered in Terneuzen and German branch in Emsdetten. STAPLERWORLD met with the participants in the plant and was able to observe the two devices in action.

Szaidel has implemented a new logistics concept in two existing halls. Raw materials and finished products are stored at 1,300 plus 850 pallet locations. The bearings are specially protected (keyword “floor pan”). The value of the stored goods goes into the millions, inconspicuous cardboard casks can contain the finest ingredients. Each ingredient/component is tested before processing and preparation for the respective production process and if necessary. Spent in production-related intermediate storage.

The two high-bay warehouses each have a Bendi B40AC with 1,800 kg load capacity and 600 mm LSP. Articulated forklifts are rare in Germany, as they compete with the widely used reach truck. “But because Reachtruck needs too much aisle width,” Kummerer notes, “I was looking for another solution. A well-known and befriended company in northern Germany uses Bendis. After a few conversations and a test truck from Feyter, these machines seemed to be the right choice. They provide Szaidel with more shelf space than the side-stroke masters because of smaller aisles. ”

Robert van ‘t Westeinde, M.Sc., Managing Director of Feyter-, manages the distribution for Germany and was able to order a test device to Szaidel in October 2017. The forklifts have a lifting height of 13,000 mm and offer an astounding 850 kg residual load capacity (1,460 kg with a lifting height of 7,000 mm) in the uppermost fork position. Enough for Szaidel, as the pallets weigh on average 1,500 kg and are stored in the pallet warehouses with five levels. For Szaidel, the mast variant with a lifting height of 6,550 mm was sufficient because the top shelf was at a height of 6,150 mm. However, the forklifts work exclusively in the two pallet warehouses, because the production is operated exclusively with light walkers.

The service offered by the cosmetics manufacturer includes:

  • Advice and service
  • Research and Development
  • Production / Filling
  • Packaging and logistics.

Since many customers, who can not be named understandably, prefer a wide variety of containers, very high demands are placed on logistics. The packaging ranges from glass ampoules with a few milliliters to 5 l containers for the hairdressing trade. The highest demands are placed on warehousing, forklift trucks and communication with the customer – after all, many goods have to be produced at specific times in order to be ready in time for the customer to call.

The market has opened up for these ‘’special’’ machines, as there are 3 parties producing Articulating forklifts. It at first seems difficult to steer in and out compared to a Reachtruck, but our conversation with driver Schumacher makes clear, it is not difficult, and he has learned to drive the truck in no time. Now he does not want anything else anymore.

The two articulated forklifts arrive in Bruchmühlbach with a passage width of only 2,000 mm. 48 V batteries with 630 Ah provide the necessary energy, which is easily enough for one shift. HF chargers from Midac (which also supplied the batteries) are the perfect partner for the gentle charging of batteries. In general, the devices can be used from as little as 1,800 mm aisle width with European pallets, which is also or especially suitable for use in existing warehouses with limited space requirements. Triplex or Quadramast are available depending on the lifting height. The equipment features of the ready-to-use up to 7,500 kg battery-powered articulated forklifts include:

– 220 ° / 180 ° steering (hydraulic)

– Classic control levers for proportional lifting / lowering and mast tilt/side shift

– Display with digital displays and maintenance / error codes

– Patented rear-wheel drive (rubber tires), front axle polyurethane

– Integrated side thrust of ± 285 mm

– Curtis control

– Seat, armrest and steering wheel adaptable, even to tall drivers.

With additional equipment such as lift height preselection, fork camera, side battery change, additional hydraulic

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