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ICONFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2020-04-07T15:49:35-05:00

Home > Products > ICON Construction Equipment > ICON Constuction Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ICON Construction

Home > Products > ICON Construction Equipment > ICON Constuction Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ICON Construction

Home > Products > ICON Construction Equipment > ICON Constuction Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ICON Construction

ICON Construction Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is ICON?2018-04-06T19:52:09-05:00

A. ICON is a division of Landoll Corporation that is dedicated to the manufacturing, distribution, sales and service of a line-up of agricultural/industrial construction implements ranging from earth moving machines to site preparation machines.

Q. Where are the ICON machines built and shipped from?2018-04-06T19:54:50-05:00

A. ICON machines are built and shipped from the ICON Industries facility in Beloit, Kansas.

Q. What is the warranty period for ICON machines?2018-04-06T20:21:52-05:00

A. ICON machines are warrantied against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 9 months from the date of delivery.

Q. How are the Grader/Box Scrapers used?2018-04-06T20:23:18-05:00

A. These machines fill a niche market that allows users to grade roads, repair waterways and terraces, scrape feed lots, plow snow etc.

Q. What is the horsepower requirement for these machines?2018-04-06T20:24:39-05:00

A. 10 to 15 HP per foot of blade is recommended.

Q. What does the RS designate on the 1632RS model?2018-04-06T20:25:49-05:00

A. The RS designates Rear Steer for more precise control of operations.

Q. How much Horsepower does the AG11 require?2018-04-06T20:26:53-05:00

A. 200 HP + is recommended for efficient operation in most conditions.

Q. Do I need a special scraper drawbar on my tractor to pull the AG11 Scraper?2018-04-06T20:28:16-05:00

A. No.  Dolly wheels on the front of the machine carry the AG11 and help to control the depth of operation while taking the tongue weight out of the equation.

Q. What is the operating capacity of the AG11 Scraper?2018-04-06T20:29:25-05:00

A. The heaped capacity is 11.2 yards while the struck capacity is listed as 9.1 yards.

Q. What is the cutting width of the AG11 Scraper?2018-04-06T20:30:36-05:00

A. Cutting width is 8 feet.

Q. What class of product does the 1205 Carry-All fit into?2018-04-06T20:31:39-05:00

A. The 1205 Carry-All is a 5.5 yard earth moving machine designed for use with 150+ HP tractors.

Q. What is the cutting width of the 1205 Carry-All?2018-04-06T20:33:08-05:00

A. Cutting width is 12 feet

Q. What is the 6510 Construction Disc used for?2018-04-06T20:34:21-05:00

A. The 6510 Construction Disc is a collateral tool used in site preparation work to help loosen tightly packed soils so it can be more easily moved and leveled.  The 6510 Construction Disc can also be used to initiate the leveling process for dumped materials.  The heavy-duty components used in the 6510 will allow for many uses.

Q. What is the working width of the 6510 Construction Disc?2018-04-06T20:35:22-05:00

A. Working width of the 6510 is 10’ 9”.

Q. What size are the disc blades on the 6510?2018-04-06T20:36:37-05:00

A. Blades are notched cutouts that are 32” diameter by 10 mm thick or 36″ diameter by 12 mm thick.

Q. What is the weight per blade of the 6510?2018-04-06T20:37:35-05:00

A. The weight per blade is 719 lbs.

Q. Where do these models fit into the scraper line-up?2018-04-06T20:39:34-05:00

A. Both the 400 and 800 Series Scrapers fit into the medium to heavy-duty range of scrapers.  With capacities from 14 to 21 yards, these machines take the ICON scrapers to the next level.

Q. What is the recommended horsepower required for these machines?2018-04-06T20:40:42-05:00

A. Power requirements range from 300 HP + to 400 HP + for these models.

Q. What is the weight range of the 400/800 Series Scrapers?2018-04-06T20:41:34-05:00

A. The 400 Series weighs in at 20,500 lbs. to 23,900 lbs.  The 800 Series weighs in at 28,000 lbs. to 28,900 lbs.

Q. Can the 400/800 Series Scrapers be pulled in tandem?2018-04-06T20:42:36-05:00

A. Yes.  Tandem packages are available to increase efficiency and productivity.

Q. What are these heavy-duty packers used for?2018-04-06T20:44:28-05:00

A. These machines are used in the site preparation mode of the construction industry.  The heavy-duty drums on these machines with the elliptical tooth design allows for increased speed of operation and a higher percentage of pack.

Q. How many sizes of packers does ICON offer?2018-04-06T20:45:46-05:00

A. There are 4 models ranging from 48” wide x 48” diameter to 93” wide x 60” diameter.

Q. Can these machines be pulled in tandem?2018-04-06T20:47:05-05:00

A. Yes. The rear tow hitch is standard equipment.

Q. Can the packing capacity be increased by adding ballast to these units?2018-04-06T20:47:59-05:00

A. Yes.  All drums are fabricated out of ½” wall material and have fill bungs for either water or sand ballast.

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