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Landoll Trailer Warranty Terms

Home > Warranty > Landoll Warranty Terms > Landoll Trailer Warranty Terms

Landoll Trailer Warranty Terms

Home > Warranty > Landoll Warranty Terms > Landoll Trailer Warranty Terms

Landoll Trailer Warranty Terms

Landoll Corporation Trailer Five Year Limited Warranty Policy

Landoll Corporation warrants each new Trailer structure manufactured by Landoll Corporation to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This limited warranty is subject to specific exclusions and does not apply to any trailer which has been: 1) subjected to or operated with loads which, at any time, have exceeded the trailer’ s rated capacity or design limits: 2) repaired or altered outside our factory in any way so as, in our judgment, to affect its stability or reliability: 3) subject to misuse, negligence, accident, or has been operated in a manner expressly prohibited in the instructions; or not operated in accordance with practices approved by Landoll Corporation. Trailer structure shall be considered the framework of the trailer (mainframe and/or rear frame weldment, gooseneck weldment and undercarriage weldment), which is fabricated by Landoll Corporation.

The sole obligation of Landoll Corporation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing, at its option, in accordance with the schedule below, a defective new Trailer structure which shall be identified to Landoll Corporation by way of a Landoll Corporation Warranty Claim Form within five (5) years from the date of registration of Trailer. Warranty, expressed or implied, will be denied on any Trailer not properly registered with the Landoll Corporation Warranty Department within ten (10) days of the first retail sale. Landoll Corporation Warranty Staff will identify components listed on a Warranty Claim required to be returned for further analysis. All parts returned to Landoll Corporation must be shipped with a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) provided by the Landoll Corporation Warranty Staff. Defective components must be returned by the purchaser to Landoll Corporation with transportation and freight charges prepaid within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the RMA. The examination conducted by Landoll Corporation of returned parts shall disclose to its satisfaction the extent the component may be defective.

All labor and parts warranty MUST be authorized by Landoll Corporation Warranty Staff. Failure to do so will result in no warranty payment of any kind. Labor will be reimbursed in accordance with published shop rates pre-approved by the Landoll Corporation Warranty Staff. Time authorized for specific work will be limited, where appropriate, to the hours listed in the Landoll Corporation authorized Flat Rate Schedule.


New Trailer Structure Schedule: Landoll Corporation shall bear that portion of the cost of repairing or replacing the new structure of the Trailer found to be defective within a sixty (60) month warranty period prorated on the following basis:

  • One (1) Year – 100%
  • Two (2) Years – 80 %
  • Three (3) Years – 70%
  • Four (4) Years – 60%
  • Five (5) Years – 50%

All Bottom Dump and Industrial and Utility Tag Trailers are exempt from the 5 year structural warranty and carry a 12 month structural warranty, due to the rugged and abusive off road use in which these off road units typically operate, and are subject to the Component Schedule below.

 Component Schedule: Components manufactured by Landoll Corporation (other than the Structure) and Components supplied by other manufacturers shall be warranted under the following schedule:

  • Axles, Suspensions, Landing Gear, Wheels, Rims, Hubs, Rollers and Cam Followers, Hydraulic Valve Body and other Landoll Corporation Components. Coverage: 1 Year 100%, Over 1 Year 0%
  • Air Lines, Springs, Air Bags, Leveling Valves, Bearings, Brake Valves, Paint, Oil Seals, Engines, Brake Drums, Shock Absorbers, Electrical, Cylinders, Wear Plates, Hydraulic Hoses & Connections Coverage: 1 – 6 Months 100%, Over 6 Months 0%
  • Tires and Tubes Coverage: Warranty claims must be made directly to the tire
  • Wood Components Coverage: 0%
  • Grote Bumper Harness is covered for 7 years, all other harnesses are covered for 5 years provided they have not been modified by Landoll or any other persons. Grote Lights are warranted for 10

This warranty does not expand, enlarge upon or alter in any way, the warranties provided by the original manufacturers and suppliers of component parts and accessories. This warranty excludes such parts or accessories which are not defective, but may wear out and have to be replaced during the warranty period, including, but not limited to, light bulbs, paint, brake lining, brake drums, wood pieces and the like. (Tire Warranties are expressly excluded from Landoll Corporation warranty herein.) Purchaser is expected to pay all repairs and replacement costs, in connection with this Agreement, including sales and other taxes immediately upon completion of work performed.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Landoll Corporation shall not be liable to purchaser for any incidental or consequential damages suffered by the purchaser, including, but not limited to, any commercially reasonable charges, expenses or commissions incurred in connection with effecting cover or any other reasonable expense incident to the delay or other breach of warranty by Landoll Corporation, any loss of or damage to any cargo loaded or shipped in or on the Trailer, loss of anticipated profits, transportation expenses due to repairs, nonoperation or increased expense of operation costs of purchased or replaced equipment, claim of customers, cost of money, any loss of use of capital or revenue, equipment rental, roadside assistance, or for any special damage or loss of any nature arising at any time for from any cause whatsoever.

LIMITATION OF REMEDY: In the event of Landoll Corporation failure to repair the Trailer subject to the warranty contained herein, the purchaser’ s sole and exclusive remedy against Landoll Corporation shall be for the repair or replacement of any defective part or parts of the Trailer subject to work or repair within in the time period and manner set forth herein. This exclusive remedy shall not be deemed to have failed of its essential purpose so long as Landoll Corporation is willing and able to repair or replace defective parts in the prescribed manner.

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