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                                                                         STANDARD FEATURES
                                                                         •  Three-Wheel Design, Single Front Wheel Drive
                                                                         •  9.75" (248mm) Stroke Integral Side Shifter
                                                                         •  220˚ Front End Rotation
                                                                         •  Adjustable Seat and Steering Wheel
                                                                         •  DuraSteer  Front Wheel Hydraulic Steering
                                                                         •  AC Traction Motor Controller with LandActive
                                                                           Control (LandActive control provides additional
                                                                           control during stacking as the maximum truck
                                                                           speed is controlled by steering angle.)
                                                                         •  AC Hydraulic Motor Controller
                                                                         •  Interactive LCD Status Monitor
                                                                         •  BDI with Lift Interrupt, Hour Meter with Service
                                                                           Monitor, Diagnostic Code Display, Input Device
                                                                         •  Hydraulic Rear Wheel Brakes
                                                                         •  Safety Seat Switch and Seat Belts
                                                                         •  40" (1000mm) Tapered Tip Forks - Rear Tow Pin
                                                                         •  Hand Actuated Parking Brake
                                                                         •  Creep Speed Mode Selection Switch
                                                                         •  High Visibility Mast and 36" (914mm) High Backrest
                                                                         •  Mast Tilt 1º Forward and 2º Backward
                                                                         •  48 Volt Electrical System
                                                                         •  Three Section Hydraulic Control Valve
                                                                         •  Smooth Poly Front Drive Tire and Rubber Rear Tires
                                                                         •  Horn, Key Switch and Hour Meter
                                                                         •  Meets ANSI B56.1
                                                                         OPTIONAL FEATURES
                                                                         •  Non-Standard Fork Lengths
                                                                         •  Dual Overhead Guard-Mounted LED Headlights
                                                                         •  Dual Rear Safety LED Light Bars
                                                                         •  Safety Flashing LED Light
          VNA                                                            •  Backup Alarm - Beeping Tone (“Smart” dB Adjusting)

         Very Narrow Aisle                                               •  Fire Extinguisher - OHG Post Mounted
               WITH                                                      •  Roller / Slide-Out Battery Tray
                                                                         •  Lazer Fork Height Indicator
                                                                         •  Fork Positioner
                rotation                                                 •  Keyless Key Pad On-Off
                                                                         •  Cold Storage Conditioned to -22°F (-30°C)


                         Electric Multi-Purpose                                                                   ®
                    VNA Articulated Forklift Truck

                      The B3/30AC is a VNA forklift that can                         Material Handling
                    work indoors and out on paved surfaces.                                  Products
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