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SOIL BUILDER                                                                               Also available from
                                                                                  Brillion Farm Equipment

The consistent performance of the Brillion Soil Builder has allowed its              Pul verizers
basic conservation tillage concept to stand the test of time. Cutting,            LaAngdrsiccaupletuSreaelde&rs
sizing and blending the residue into the growth environment while
addressing the compaction issues, all define the Soil Builder’s objective.
The finish of the field and the residue left on the surface provide for optimal
erosion control with a single pass.

Conventional tillage practices bury the residue and leave the surface exposed to  Pul vi-Mulchers
wind and water erosion. Some traditional tillage operations, like the moldboard
plow, actually increase the compaction layers in the soil.                        Flail Shredders

    HSB SERIES — SUPER SOIL BUILDER                                                    220 N. Francis Street
                                                                                                      P.O. Box 8
Increased yields produce higher amounts of residue. Higher amounts of residue
require increased capacity to perform tillage operations. The Brillion Super               Brillion, WI 54110
Soil Builder has met this challenge head on. Hydraulic controlled cutting             Phone: 920.524.2220
coulters to cut and size the residue start the process. Dual nested spring          Toll Free: 855.320.0373
shanks positioned on a three rank weighted frame maintain true 15”
spacing for exceptional trash flow and superior soil movement.                             Fax: 888.761.8568
The results are a field finish that enhances erosion control and
allows for a smooth transition
into the next

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