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Landoll News: Landoll Develops Deep Reach Bendi

Landoll Corporation is pleased to announce additions to the Bendi Electric Narrow Aisle Line. The B40AC-DR and B50AC-DR Bendi Electric Deep Reach Forklift.

The B40AC-DR and B50AC-DR are the Next Generation of Bendi Forklifts with the ability to stack loads two deep, in aisles as narrow as 96” and has a basic starting capacity of 2,500 lbs.  Its’ unique features include compact size, deep reach, a redesigned mast with increased rigidity, capacity and improved visibility. The B40AC-DR and B50AC-DR are Equipped with the Landoll DuraSteerTM for exceptional control, load placement, and retrieval that is superior to the competition.

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Narrow Aisles No Problem

Landoll's goal is to provide the best solution for your material handling needs. Bendi articulating and Drexel SwingMast® Narrow Aisle and Very Narrow Aisle forklifts can provide that solution through increased utilization of space, improved productivity, greater flexibility and maximized efficiency.

Landoll manufactures two lines of Narrow and Very Narrow Aisle forklifts. The Bendi Electric or IC powered forklifts provide the world's first 180° articulating mast, front wheel steered design, providing unmatched maneuverability in narrow aisle storage. The Drexel SwingMast® fork trucks are electric or IC powered and have a 90° rotating and shifting mast that operate as a front or side loader that can stack pallets or long loads in aisles as narrow as 56" (1.4M). Landoll Bendi, and Drexel Narrow Forklifts are proven solutions for storage space optimization. The Bendi articulating and Drexel SwingMast® trucks don't swing the rear end while stacking so product and rack damage is minimized during stacking operations.  

Landoll also manufactures two other lines of electric forklifts. A Drexel EX (UL Certified explosion proof) front loading lift truck is designed to operate in hazardous flammable atmospheres. Landoll also manufactures a stand up compact forklift, the LSC, which provides a low cost solution for increased efficiencies when stacking or performing dock work, working in bulk storage or on the manufacturing floor and while stacking in drive in racking. 

We invite you to see how these forklifts can provide you with the most cost effective solution to your material handling needs.


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Home > Products > Forklifts