Seed 24′ in Every Pass

Brillion Sure Stand Seeders have set the bar for exceptional grass and alfalfa seeding for well over fifty years and the tried and true concept has expanded to seed 24′ in one pass.  The 4620-24 Folding Seeder was designed with versatility in mind and helps fill a gap in the Brillion Seeder line up.  The 24′ working width is geared towards producers with mid-size row crop tractors who are looking for more seeding capacity than that of a 12′ Brillion seeder, but yet do not have the horsepower to pull the large 36′ model.

Large Seed Box Capacity

The large 15 bushel capacity seed box on each seeder section on the 4620-24 model features the proven micro-meter seed metering system.  The larger seed box capacity allows the operator to spend more time seeding and less time stopping to fill the boxes.  This increase in efficiency is a great benefit when there is a short timeframe in ideal seeding conditions.

Precise Seed Placement Equals Optimum Germination

All Brillion Sure-Stand Seeders have the ability to plant a variety of seeds and precisely place the seeds at the correct depth to ensure optimum germination.  The 4620-24 features large pulverizer rollers to fine tune the seedbed and break up any soil clumps and gently squeeze soil around the seeds for the ultimate in seed to soil contact and consistent seed placement.  The 4620-24 seeder wings float 5 degrees left to right and 5 degrees front to rear on torsion springs to follow the ground’s contours and further enhance germination rates.

Fully Equipped

The 4620-24 Folding Seeder is ground driven and is equipped with an electric clutch on each seeder section.  A Brillion Elite Mini Monitor kit to keep on eye on ground speed, acres seeded, seed shaft rotation, low seed box levels and clutch control is standard equipment.  Each seeder wing folds forward for transport keeping the transport width under 14′.

The built-in versatility and added in efficiency along with the durability all Brillion products are known for, the 4620-24 Folding Seeder is an ideal fit for many agricultural applications.


  • Transport Width is Under 14′; Seeders Fold Forward
  • Entire Frame Weight is Carried and Distributed on (4) Pulverizer Rollers with 1 3/4″ Bearings
  • Pulverizer Wheels are 15 3/4″ Cast Iron on Front and Rear Rollers
  • Seeder Wings Follow Soil Contours and are able to Float 5 Degrees Left to Right and 5 Degrees Front to Rear on Torsion Springs
  • Micro-Meter Seed Box with Meters Spaced at 6″
  • Seed Box Capacity of 15 Bushels per Wing
  • Ground Driven with an Electric Clutch on Each Wing
  • All Pivot Points Utilize Maintenance-Free Polymer Bearings
  • Semi-Mounted Two-Point Hitch is Cat. II, III Free Link and Cat. II, IIIN, III Quick Coupler
  • (4) 12.5L x 15 FI Transport Tires
  • Coil Tine Track Remover is Optional Equipment
  • Speed Up Kit Available
  • Brillion Elite Mini Monitor is Standard Equipment
  • LED Warning Lights and SMV Emblem are Standard Equipment
  • Powder Coat Paint

Seed Rate Information

Before choosing your new Brillion Seeder, it is important to know if you have the correct Brillion Seeder for your needs. While all Brillion Seeders appear to be very similar, there are distinct differences to consider before making your purchase. Please consult the seed rate charts to see if this is the right Brillion Seeder for the varieties of seed you wish to plant.