Proven Solutions

Quality Products Built by Quality People

Landoll Company, LLC has been providing proven solutions to our customers for over 60 years. With a worldwide customer base, we continue to supply our customers with products of the highest quality materials and workmanship.

From the very first line of farm equipment to the very latest lines of products, we continue to develop products that exceed our customers’ expectations. Whether it is farm equipment, trailers, forklifts, or construction equipment, Landoll offers a solution.

Building Relationships Since 1963

Excellent Customer Service Starts at the Top

Since 1963, founder, owner, and President of Landoll Company, LLC, Don Landoll, has provided a vision for the company focusing on “Customer Comes First” philosophy.

Don’s commitment to customer satisfaction is still very much in effect over 60 years later. This approach has helped build the long-standing, stable relationships that Landoll Company, LLC shares with our customers.


Over 60 years ago, Don Landoll and his partner of three years purchased Quick Service Welding which eventually became Landoll Company, LLC. Since then, Landoll has grown to be a leader in innovative design, world-class manufacturing, and marketing of quality products and services for the agriculture, transportation, material handling, OEM and government industries. Since 1963, the Landoll entrepreneurial spirit and business principles including diversification, vertical integration and customer satisfaction have led to substantial growth.

Landoll Company, LLC has shared its success with the community by being good stewards to the area community, renovating and putting into operation several vacated properties. Landoll led the revamp of the now completed Catholic school and playground, airport, Library Park, and a reading garden at the elementary school. Landoll Company, LLC was the largest donor while leading fundraising efforts for the area’s new hospital and is now beginning work on the Catholic church.

Landoll Company, LLC is proud to be one of Kansas’ homegrown industries.


1986 – National Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year

Landoll Company was recognized by the Small Business Association (SBA) as the National Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year in 1986. This award recognizes integrity, reliability, initiative, and capability, and is only bestowed on one business in our nation annually.

1991 – Certificate for Outstanding Performance

Landoll Company was awarded a certificate for outstanding performance as an Operation Desert Shield/Storm contractor by the Defense Contract Management District North Central. Only 6 contractors in a nine-state area received this prestigious award.

1996 – Pro Patria Award

Landoll Company received the Pro Patria award in 1996, for support of the National Guard and Reserve.

1998 – Landoll Awarded ISO 9001 Quality System Certification

As a result of this achievement, the Department of Defense Contract Management Command (DCMC) presented Landoll Company with the government’s Quality System Qualification Certificate.

1998 – Don Landoll Awarded Ernst & Young Award

Don Landoll was recognized as the mid-western recipient of the prestigious Ernst & Young Master Entrepreneur of The Year Award.

2001 – Kansas Governor’s Exporter of the Year Award

Landoll Company won the Governor’s Exporter of the Year Award from the state of Kansas. This award is presented to a Kansas company that has demonstrated exceptional marketing prowess outside of the United States.

2002 – Kansas Farm Bureau Distinguished Service Agriculture Award

2003 – Honorary Doctorate – Benedictine

2004 – Kansas Business Hall of Fame

2004 – Governor Samuel J. Crawford Silver Stirrup Award

2007 – Governor’s Award of Excellence Finalist

2007-11 – Kansas Inc. Board Member

2010-11 – Kansas Inc. Co-Chair

2010 – Kansas Governor’s Award of Excellence

2011 – AEM Hall of Fame

2014 – Ad Astra Award

2017 – Topeka Business Hall of Fame

2018 – Deo Gratias Award from the Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas

2019 – Native Sons & Daughters Entrepreneur of the Year Award

2024 – Marysville Legacy Award

2024 – Marysville Business of the Year


1963 – The Beginning

Don Landoll, his partner, and one hired man opened Quick Service Welding Company on December 16, 1963. The business began as a typical welding, radiator repair, and black-smith shop. However, Don said, “From the beginning, we had the idea we wanted to design and manufacture things of our own.”

In the summer of 1967, Don’s partner returned to work for the Railroad, and Don became the sole owner of the Quick Service Welding Company. Shortly thereafter (1968), Don designed his first branded products, a slip-in livestock rack for pickup trucks and a chisel plow for use by local farmers.

By 1969 the company became more diversified with the addition of more farm equipment and equipment trailers.

1970 – Traveling Axle Trailers are Introduced

In 1970, an innovative traveling axle ground-loading trailer was designed. Landoll was granted numerous patents for this new design. This ingenious trailer is the backbone of the current Landoll Company trailer line.

To produce the new trailer and tillage lines in the mid 70’s, a WWII radio shop in Marysville, Kansas was renovated to accommodate the growing business. Adjacent to therenovated radio shop, Landoll remodeled, what is today, the Marketing and Warranty Office at 1700 May Street, Marysville, Kansas.

1975 – Landoll Company is Formed

In 1975 the Company was incorporated and changed the name to Landoll Company.

1982 – Shop 10 Construction Begins

By the early 1980’s, the Corporation’s involvement in the towing industry dramatically increased. Towing and recovery companies had become primary customers for the Model 317 trailer and “Centerfold” car carrier. A 94000 square foot building (Shop 10) was constructed to accomodate the company’s growth.

1983 – Landoll Starts Building Aircraft De-Icers

In 1983, Landoll Company established an agreement with FMC Corporation to manufacture and assemble aircraft deicers. By 1984, Landoll Company had successfully bid and received a contract to build 391 deicers for the United States military.

1985 – Larger Shops built for the Higher Demand in Products

In 1985, the company added 40,000 square feet to Shop 10, designated as the “Deicer Line”, and in 1986 the 28,000 square foot Machine Shop was added. Today Shop 10 has 162,000 square feet under roof.

1990 – Landoll Produces Products for the Government

Landoll Company continues to diversify. The Company manufactured special tank transport trailers for the US Army to support our troops in Desert Storm. Landoll accepted an order on December 22, 1990 and shipped 22 trailers by January 6, 1991. Landoll began manufacturing heavy duty wreckers for the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) military project in 1992. The company began building specialty warehouse forklifts, under the Bendi and Pivot Mast trade names in 1994.

1994 – Larger Shops built for the Higher Demand in Products

Landoll Company initiated a major expansion of 110,000 square feet (Shop 20). In addition, a Powder Coating paint system was designed along with other major capital equipment purchases. This expansion gave Landoll Company 350,000 square feet of manufacturing under roof on 22 acres, along with state-of-the- art equipment.

Landoll Company “kicked off” 1996 with the formal launch of a Total Quality Initiative (TQM) to continually improve products, services, and processes.

1999 – Landoll Introduces Six New Bendi Models

In July after several months of design engineering, Landoll Company unveiled an innovative series of Hydraulic Traveling Tail Trailers equipped with many value-added features. The immediate customer response and potential overall impact on the market has made this series of trailers the most successful product introduction in company history.

2000 – Landoll seizes an opportunity with AGCO

In May the agricultural economic depression continued. Landoll Company seized the opportunity to enter an agreement with AGCO Corporation of Duluth GA to produce and market their tillage implements. Through the agreement Landoll was also afforded the market exposure of AGCO’s vast dealer network.

2003 – Landoll acquired the Drexel Forklift Product Line

Landoll is now manufacturing the highly reputable SwingMast line of trucks.

2006 – Landoll Purchases the Service Center

Landoll moved their Transportation Sales staff to the East Hwy 36 location which also includes trailer and forklift service and refurb bays.

In 2006 and 2007, Landoll Company began an expansion project that was completed in late 2007. Numerous equipment was added including robotic welders, a waterjet, among many other manufacturing machinery. The square footage of the manufacturing facility was increased to over a half million square feet, ensuring a long term commitment of continuous improvement to customers.

2007 – Landoll Acquires ICON

Landoll Company purchased ICON Industries, located in Beloit Kansas in October of 2007. ICON is a well respected manufacturer of construction equipment including scrapers, packers, construction disc and more.

2010 – Landoll Acquires Brillion Farm Equipment

Landoll Company acquired Brillion Farm Equipment in November of 2010. The Brillion acquisition added more agricultural product offerings including a full line of tillage, seedbed preparation and seeding equipment for top producer’s.

2013 – New Parts Distribution Center Construction Started

Construction began in November, 2013 for a new Parts Distribution Center located at 1900 North Street, Marysville, Kansas.