Landoll manufactures rollback carriers to fit a variety of needs including transporting containers and transporting farm equipment, tractors, and forklifts.

Maximize Your Cargo Potential

A 20,000 lbs. capacity rollback is available for your container transporting needs.

Chain Drive

With the addition of an optional Chain Drive System, you have the ability to power load and unload storage containers. The 12,000 lbs. gearbox and 1/2″ T-80 chain is the perfect combination for all types of containers.



Dual Hydraulic Controls Both sides of Bed, Lighted
Dual Lift Cylinders Single Cylinder Bed Slide
Full Length Bed and Subframe Super Structure
Full Length Nylatron Bed Slide Pads
Positive Bed Lock-Down System with Operational safety system
Bed Prepped for Winch or Chain Drive Option
DOT Reflective Red/White Tape both sides of Bed and Bulkhead
Winch Clutch Release At Side Of Bed
Landoll Mud Flaps
Dual Filtration System on both Supply and Return lines
Container Load Bridle, (1) 1/2″ X 42″ Chain and Grab Hook Assembly
Front Container Side Lock Pins (Two locations) with 3/8″ x 2-1/2″ toe board
Hydraulic Pump and PTO not included (Call factory for quotation)


Winch 12,000 lbs. Planetary with Spring Tension, Control at side of Bed, 85′ 1/2″ Cable with 1/2″ Grab Hook
Winch Area Storage Area beside Winch is flat; No open Storage

Frame & Deck

Capacity* 20,000 lbs. Distributed on Full Length of Bed
Deck Rating 14,000 lbs. in 16′
Main Sub-Frame Tube Type – Full length w full length slide pads – dual lift cylinders – Positive Lock Down
Bed Main Longitudinal Fabricated “H” Beam 80,000 Yield Flanges, 80,000 Yield Webs
Crossmembers 3″ JR. I-Beam on 8″ centers
Bed Outer Rail Formed 5/16″ Steel Channel with Built-In Skid Plate for Containers
Approach Plate Beveled with 4 Double Chain Keyhole Tiedowns (Front/rear), Container Shoe slot each side
Bulkhead Bed Mounted
Loaded Deck Height 10-7/8″ above Truck Frame
Width 102″
Decking Smooth steel plate between container skid plate and Side Channel formed of 3/8″ 80,000 yield
Tie Downs Gotchas on side of Outer Rail 24″ centers, 4 Double Keyhole Gotchas on Approach Plate
Container Guides Front Container Side Lock Pins (Two locations) with 3/8″ Toe Board

* Capacity ratings are frame capacities only. Actual load capacities may be restricted by factors such as gross axle weight ratings (GAWR) or state and federal regulations.


Hydraulic Stabilizer Independent Dual Cylinder Dock Stabilizer (Hydraulic Adjust) (4,000 lbs. vertical, 15,000 towing capacity; no hitch Standard)
Hydraulic Valve Body 3 Spool Prince, 2500 PSI / 14 GPM , Frame Mounted Reservoir 15 gal.


Lights Grote MicroNova LED Clear Lens (10-year warranty)
Wiring Harness Grote “Xtreme” (7-year warranty)

Finish & Color

Finish Steel Grit Shot Blast to Bright Metal
Powder Coat Color White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Metallic Gray, Sapphire Blue
Decals High-Visibility Reflective Package



Storage Rack Bulkhead mounted. For Accessory Package.
Accessory Package Boom, Shovel, Pry Bar
Accessory Safety Package (8) Traffic Cones with (2) Storage Racks mounted each side of Winch
LED White Work Lights (1 pair)

Winch & Accessories

20,000 lbs. Warn Planetary Winch, 2sp. with Air Release/Spring Tension in lieu of Standard
Cable Roller Guide (4-way Roller) for 15K, 20K, or 30K Warn
Winch Guard for Warn Winch Protection
Wireless Remote Control Six function
LED Work Light Mounted on each side of Winch Guard
12,000 lbs Gear Box with Continuous Chain Drive System in lieu of Standard

Tie Downs

Container Tie Down Package (1) 16′ 3/8″ Chain, (1) 4′ 3/8″ Chain (G70) with Hooks Both Ends, (2) 3/8″ Ratchet Binders
D-Ring Bolt on at Winch (Each) (Two locations available)
Container Door Lock Retainer for Cab of Truck (6 slots) Installed
(1) Container Load Bridle (P/N 143267) (3 piece bridle with grab hooks & 1 shackle)
Load Binder 3/8″ Ratchet Style (P/N 130093)
(2) 3/8″ X 6′ Chain with Rear Container Hold Down (P/N 167408)
(2) 3/8″ X 12′ Chain with Rear Container Hold Down (P/N 169394)
(2) Shoe Lock Tiedown (P/N 128469)

Bed & Accessories

Container Toe Board 1-1/2″T X 1″W in lieu of Standard (No side pins)
3/4″ Bar Stock Welded on Skid Plate for Front Container Stop
24″ Traction Paint Walkway on both sides of Chain Drive System full length of Deck and Approach Plate
Spare Light Package 3 amber, 2 red, 1 back up, 1 stop/tail turn

Stabilizer Leg

Stabilizer Leg Manual Adjust
Stabilizer Leg in lieu of Standard Hydraulic Adjust and Extend
7-Way Electrical Trailer Plug mounted on Stabilizer
6 Prong Electrical RV Outlet mounted on Stabilizer


Ag Style Hitch for a Double Clevis or 2-5/16″ Ball Hitch (Clevis or ball not included)
Pintle Hook Eye (4,000 lbs. vertical, 15,000 lbs. tow capacity)
Reese Hitch Recevier 2″
Air Line Quick Coupler at Bumper
Backup Alarm

Paint & Special

Hot Dip Galvanized Sub Frame only
Hot Dip Galvanized Bed only (Not Bulkhead)
Paint over Galvanized Sides (Outside bed rails only)
Hot Shift PTO and Pump for Automatic Transmissions
Hydraulic Air Shift PTO and Pump for manual Transmissions


Model Capacity* Base Weight Length Deck
CL 20 – 23′ Steel 10 Ton 6,500 lbs. (+/- 3%) 23′ 6″ 102″
CL 20 – 25′ Steel 10 Ton 7,500 lbs. (+/- 3%) 25′ 6″ 102″

* Capacity ratings are frame capacities only. Actual load capacities may be restricted by factors such as gross axle weight ratings (GAWR) or state and federal regulations.

Specifications subject to change without notice.