The Complete Container Transporter

Landoll’s all-new 343A Traveling Axle Trailer brings together our decades of experience in the storage container industry. Today’s demands to move standard ISO 20′ and 40′ boxes are easy. However, add the ISO and domestic high-cube along with the never-ending customized lengths of boxes to an application, and you need a trailer that can move them all. The 343A will do just that.

Made for you

The 343A is available in 43′, 46′, and 50′ lengths. The 43′ model gives an operator the greatest maneuverability while handling a cube up to 45′ in height. The 46′ model can handle 48′ boxes. If you have domestic 53′ high cube boxes in your fleet, then choose the 50′ model. Match the length with the containers you are moving.**

** A fifth wheel height of 45″ is required when hauling high-cube containers

Flexibility to Choose

The 343A includes the Chain Drive Load System standard. But if your drivers like a winch cable system, then choose from a 12,000 or 20,000 lbs. Warn winch. The standard Handling Package includes a chain loading bridle, rear tie-downs/binders and push bar. Two-position outside guide panels can be added with the standard inside corner casting guide. They have an inside position for guiding 96″ wide boxes. With an optional bolt-on panel bushing, you can position the guide panels to the outside to guide 102″ high cube boxes.


Frame & General

Capacity* 5 Ton (10,000 lbs.)
Deck Rating 10,000 lbs. in 10′
Estimated Base Weight 16,000 lbs. (50′) +/-3%
Main Frame Fabricated 80,000 PSI Yield Beams
Crossmembers 3″ Jr. I Beam on 12″ and 24″ Centers
Pin Setting 43″ Set-Back, 75″ CA Tractor Minimum; 18.5″ Setting
Swing Clearance 78″ Rear and Forward Swing Clearance
Deck Width 102″
Loaded Deck Height 45″ at Rear Approach Plate
Decking 1/8″ Steel Tread Plate, 10″ Recessed Trough – Full Length, Skid Plate 10″ Wide / Side Outer Frame 6-1/2″ Tall, 4″ Bottom Flange
Load Angle 12°
Accessories Inner Receiver Bushing on 24″ Centers for Side Guides, Hi-Cube Container Low-Profile, Centralized Grease System, Two-Stage Powder Coat Paint, 29″ Approach Plate with (4) Keyhole Tie Downs and Shoe LockDown Slots, Wireless Remote-Control Hydraulics
Tool Box (1) Street 42″W x 28″D x 9″H with Lockable Door
Tie Downs Double Keyhole Chain Slots 24″ Centers on Outer Beam
Parking Stands Jost Two Speed Landing Gear

* Capacity ratings are frame capacities only. Actual load capacities may be restricted by factors such as gross axle weight ratings (GAWR) or state and federal regulations.

Suspension & Undercarriage

Suspension Neway Air Ride RLU228, 22,500 lbs. Capacity
Axles (1) 25,000 lbs. Dual Tire, Oil Bath Bearings (RTAC Legal Width), Automatic Slack Adjusters

Axles Prepped for Air Inflation

Brakes 16.5 x 7 Full Air / Spring Brakes, ABS 2S1M
Tires 255/70R 22.5 LRH Double Coin
Rims 22.5 x 8.25 Tubeless
Wheels Steel Hub Pilot
Oil Seal Hubs Internal Mated Assembly


Hydraulic Hook Up Quick Couplers 2,500 PSI – 20 GPM at Controls, 50 GPM Max
Hydraulic Winch Gear Box, 12,000 lbs., with Continuous Power Chain Drive Load System 1/2″ Chain
Hydraulic Valve Body Rexroth


Air / Electrical 7-Way Receptacle
Lights Grote Clear Lens LED with Chrome Bezel (10-year warranty)
Wiring Harness Grote “Xtreme” Wiring Harness (7-year warranty)
Turn Signal Center Mounted Turn Signal

Finish & Color

Finish Steel Grit Shot Blast to Bright Metal
Powder Coat Color White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Metallic Gray, Sapphire Blue
Decals Hi-Visibility Reflective Package


Parking Stands

Pin Drop in lieu of Standard

Winch & Accessories

Chain Drive Load System includes: 12,000 lbs. Gear Box Chain Drive System

Chain and Grab Hook Assembly 42″ x 1/2″

Pusher / Dozer Blade

Chain Connector

Container Load Bridle

Double Container Stops (Hold down 2′ – 20′)

Container Stop Front / Hold Down (Lock in Bridle)

Option in lieu of above Standard 12,000 lb. Warn Planetary Winch, 2 Speed, with Air Release

Container Load Bridle

Container Stops, Front / Hold Down (Lock into Bridle)

Option in lieu of above Standard 20,000 Lb. Warn Planetary Winch, 2 Speed, with Air Release

Container Load Bridle

Container Stop, Front / Hold Down

Tie Downs

3/8″ x 12’6″ Chain with Rear Container Hold Down (1 pair)
Load Binder 3/8″ Ratchet Style (1 pair)
(1) Pair Lock Pins for Front Lockdowns (Mounted on Front Cross Tube)
(1) Pair Shoe Lock Tie Down for Approach Plate

Deck & Accessories

Side Guide Anchors (Bolt-on) (1 pair)
Side Container Guide Panels (1 pair) 40″ x 4″
Chain and Grab Hook Assembly 42″ x 1/2″
(1) Pair Shoe Lock Tie Downs for Rear Corner Casting
Aluminum Ladder LH Front Mounted
Aluminum Ladder RH Front Mounted
Toe Board 3/8″ x 2-1/2″ on outside of Skid Plate
Bolt-On Strap Ratchet and Hook Assy
Special Side Pin Container Stop Lock Assy (Ref 19993) (1-Frt, 1-40′, 2-20′ includes all pins)
Extra Toolbox 42″W x 28″D x 9″H Street Side or Curb Side
Single or Dual Extra Toolbox 42″W x 28″D x 17″H Street Side, Curb Side or Both

Suspension & Undercarriage

Galvanized Bumper in lieu of Standard Painted Bumper

Hydraulic Power Source

Wet Kit for Tractor (Includes 30 Gallon Steel Tank) Shipped loose with trailer or factory installed
Hydraulic Quick Couplers 1 Male / 1 Female (Matches trailer)
Polished Aluminum Hydraulic Tank, (19″W x 24D”) (Side mount) in lieu of Standard
Hydraulic Engine Package, Front Mounted Over Gear Box / Winch with Cover Kohler EFI 25 HP Gas

Tires & Rims

255/70R 22.5 Michelin Tires in lieu of Standard
235/75R 17.5 Double Coin Tires in lieu of Standard 22.5
Spare Double Coin Tire and Hub Pilot Rim (235/75R 17.5)
Spare Double Coin Tire and Hub Pilot Type Rim (255/70R 22.5)
Spare Michelin Tire and Hub Pilot Type Rim (255/70R 22.5)
Pressure Guard Tire Inflation N/A

Paint & Special

Hot Dip Galvanizing (Trailer frame totally submerged) Adds minimum of 3 weeks to delivery
Paint Over Galvanizing Top surface only inside of Skid Plate with Standard Colors only

Outer Skid Plate and Sides only with Standard Colors only

Special Paint Color


Model Capacity* Base Weight Length Axles Tires & Ply Rating
343A-39 5 Ton Consult Factory 102″ x 39′ 1 (4) 255/70R 22.5 LRH
343A-43 5 Ton Consult Factory 102″ x 43′ 1 (4) 255/70R 22.5 LRH
343A-46 5 Ton Consult Factory 102″ x 46′ 1 (4) 255/70R 22.5 LRH
343A-50 5 Ton 16,000 lbs. (+/- 3%) 102″ x 50′ 1 (4) 255/70R 22.5 LRH

* Capacity ratings are frame capacities only. Actual load capacities may be restricted by factors such as gross axle weight ratings (GAWR) or state and federal regulations.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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