Simple Design, But Long-Lasting and Reliable

The Brillion Seedbed Mulch Tucker tucks and locks mulch in place over newly seeded areas.

Niche Market

The Brillion Seedbed Mulch Tucker fills a niche in the seeding operations of many specialty jobs around the country.  Primarily used after the seeding operation is complete and mulch is blown or spread on, the Seedbed Mulch Tucker helps anchor the mulch into the seedbed while enhancing the seed to soil contact of the freshly seeded area underneath the mulch.  This operation is often mandated by many federal, state, and municipal seeding jobs.

Simplicity & Reliability

The Seedbed Mulch Tucker is a very simple machine that features a front axle with 20″ tucker blades that anchor the mulch to the seedbed.  The rear axle uses 16″ notched gray iron pulverizer wheels to firm and finish the job.  Triple sealed bearings support the axles on each end.

Customized to Meet the Need

Brillion offers the Seedbed Mulch Tucker in 6′ and 8′ sizes.  The SMT-6 and SMT-8 models feature both the tucker and pulverizer axles, while the T-6 and T-8 models include the tucker axle only; the pulverizer axle can be added as a field installed option.


  • 6′ and 8′ Models Available
  • Offered with Both Tucker and Pulverizer Axles or with Tucker Axle Only
  • Three-Point Hitch: Cat. I Free Link on 6′ Models
  • Three-Point Hitch: Cat. I, II Free Link; Cat. I, II Quick Coupler Hitch on 8′ Models
  • Floating Top Link on 8′ Models to Better Accommodate Uneven Terrain
  • Reversible Hitch to Allow Machine to Operate in Either Direction
  • 4″ x 4″ Main Frame Members
  • Bolted Construction
  • 20″ Tucker Blades Spaced at 8″
  • 1 1/2″ Square Arbor Bolt-on Tucker Axle with Triple Sealed Self-Aligning Bearings
  • 16″ Gray Iron Pulverizer Wheels on Pulverizer Axle
  • 4″ Pipe Axle with Triple Sealed Bearings
  • Powder Coat Paint