All in One Solution for Wildlife Food Plots

The Food Plot Seeder is Brillion’s answer to the outdoor industry’s request for a wildlife food plot seeding machine that was built to meet the challenges of rugged terrain, high residue, reliable seed metering, and ease of operation.

Real Tool – Not a Toy

Brillion has applied its years of experience as a leader in the agricultural and landscape seeder industry to the FPS Series Food Plot Seeder.  The Food Plot Seeder is designed to operate under a wide variety of conditions and plant numerous grasses, legumes, small grains, and other blends and mixes.  The key to positive seeding results is optimum seed to soil contact.  The FPS Series has the features to provide the necessary seedbed preparation, the seed metering and placement, as well as seedbed finishing, all of which provide a state of the art food plot.

The Details

Starting with the all-welded, one-piece steel frame, the Food Plot Seeder will not flex or slip out of adjustment.  The unique floating three-point hitch is attached to the front of the frame.  The 18″ disc blades are adjustable for the angle of operation and are mounted rigidly to the underside of the frame.  The mini S-Tine cultivator teeth are adjustable for depth of operation through a series of holes on the main frame.  The complete cultivator segment may be removed if desired.  The 2 seed boxes are mounted to the top of the frame and are driven from the pulverizer/packer roller also attached to the frame.  An optional coil tine drag kit and a cargo/rock box also have mounting positions on the seeder frame.

Versatility Built-In

Seeding wildlife food plots is not an exact science that can be easily replicated.  Conditions change from planting to planting and the tools used need to be versatile enough to accommodate these differing conditions.  The Brillion Food Plot Seeder can prep and plant in one pass in some conditions.  However, in most situations, some preparation needs to be done to ensure a proper planting process.

The Brillion Food Plot Seeder can be adjusted to be used as a disc harrow by shortening the top link on the three-point hitch to put the seeder full forward so just the disc harrow contacts the soil.  This will allow for rugged tillage for a first or second pass.  By lengthening the top link on the hitch, the cultivator segment and roller can be used as a complete preparation tillage tool.  If the final seedbed is loose and fluffy, raise the three-point arms slightly, lengthen the top link more to put the weight of the entire seeder on the pulverizer roller and roll the field to firm up the planting area.

Once the seedbed is firm, level the seeder on the hitch, engage the seed boxes, and proceed with the seeding operation.  In some cases, the plot may need to be rolled again after seeding to ensure the best seed to soil contact.  Whatever conditions you run into in your food plots, be assured the Brillion Food Plot Seeder can handle it!


  • 6′ Model Available
  • Three-Point Hitch: Cat. I, II Free Link
  • Three-Point Hitch: Cat. I, II Quick Coupler Hitch
  • Floating Link Allows Seeder to Pivot and Follow the Contour of the Land
  • 18″ Notched Disc Blades, Spaced at 7.5″, Can be Adjusted to 10 or 15 Degrees Depending on Amount of Tillage Needed
  • Two Rows of Mini S-Tine Cultivator Teeth
  • Teeth are Spaced at 15″ on Each Bar for a Nominal Spacing of 7.5″
  • S-Tines are Fully Adjustable and Can be Removed if Only Disc Tillage is Required
  • Double Seed Box Capacity
  • Mirco-Metered Seed Box will Plant Small Granular-Type Seeds at Precise Rates
  • Seed Box Equipped with 8-Row Brush Agitator will Plant Larger Seeds and Seed Mixtures Containing a Variety of Seeds
  • User Friendly Seed Rate Adjustments
  • Seed Box Disconnect Klik Pin Disconnects the Seed Drive for Seed Rate Calibration and Prevents Wear and Tear on the Seed Box Drives in Tillage-Only Mode
  • Positive Ground Driven Seed Metering System
  • Pulverizer Roller Packs Seeds Into the Soil for Maximum Seed to Soil Contact
  • 1.5″ Self-Aligning, Greaseable Bearings Add to the Ruggedness and Reliability of the Seeder
  • Coil Tine Harrow Available for Additional Leveling
  • Cargo/Rock Box Available
  • Powder Coat Paint

Seed Rate Information

Before choosing your new Brillion Seeder, it is important to know if you have the correct Brillion Seeder for your needs. While all Brillion Seeders appear to be very similar, there are distinct differences to consider before making your purchase. Please consult the seed rate charts to see if this is the right Brillion Seeder for the varieties of seed you wish to plant.