Primary Tillage

  • Zone Commander

  • Sub Soiler

  • Soil Builder

  • Chisel Plow

Secondary Tillage & Seedbed Prep

  • Pulverizer

  • Pulvi-Mulcher

Seeding & Planting

  • Food Plot Seeder

  • Till ‘N Seed®

  • Agricultural Seeders

  • Landscape Seeders

  • 4630-36 Folding Seeder

  • 4620-24 Folding Seeder

  • Double Seeder Hitch


  • Flail Shredder

  • Seedbed Mulch Tucker

Welcome to Brillion Farm Equipment

No matter how large or small your operation is, Brillion has the tool to help you with your tillage, seedbed preparation, and seeding equipment needs. Brillion equipment is designed to be durable, long-lasting, reliable and productive in a wide array of environments.

To begin your journey with Brillion, check out the products above or stop by your local Brillion dealer and ask about Brillion’s line of farm equipment.

For more information, contact the Brillion Farm Equipment Sales Department at 855-320-0373 or moc.llodnal@selasefb.