Deep Reach

The Bendi B40AC-DR and B50AC-DR forklifts can stack loads two deep in aisles as narrow as 96” (2.43 M)*, have a starting capacity of 2,500 lbs (1,136 kg) at 24” (600 mm) load center and lift heights available to 35′ 5″ (10.80 M). The reach from face to mast is 52” (1,321 mm) and the integral pantograph reach stroke is 41” (1,041 mm) They have a 33” (838 mm) wide tilting and side shifting fork carriage.

They are a 4-wheel articulating forklift with dual independently driven rear-drive tires and soft-poly front load tires. The Bendi B40AC-DR and B50AC-DR can work inside and outside on paved surfaces and have a floating front axle allowing the truck to ride smoothly over uneven floors. They can do the same jobs as reach and counterbalanced trucks but in much narrower aisles.

* Based on 48” (1200mm) long x 40” (1000mm) wide load.

Exceptional Performance and Maneuverability

Equipped with the Landoll DuraSteerTM front wheel hydraulic steering, the B40AC-DR / B50AC-DR provides exceptional control and makes load placement and retrieval superior to the competition.

3-Stage Mast

The new mast has a rigid mounting and as standard a tilting and side shifting carriage. The new design offers increased mast rigidity, capacity and improved visibility. Dual free lift cylinders and optimized hose and chain routings have improved visibility thru the mast. Lowered heights have been reduced and a new mounting position on the 48” (1,219 mm) wide front axle reduces the distance from the face of the forks to the back of the axle thereby improving aisle performance. Mountings for cameras have been integrated into the inner mast and an optional integral side shifting fork positioner combination is also available.


  • 2,500 lb. (1,136kg) and 3,000 lb. (1,364kg) Capacity at 24″ (600mm) Load Center
  • Four-Wheel Design, Dual Rear Wheel Drive
  • Integral 8″ (200mm) Stroke Sideshifter and 36″ (914mm) High Load Backrest
  • Hydraulic Power Steering – Front Wheel Steer
  • Independently Controlled Rear Wheels Allow Independent Speed Control of Each Drive Tire Based on Steering Angle
  • AC Traction and Hydraulic Motors Ensure Minimal Maintenace and High Efficiency
  • Creep Speed Mode Adds Enhanced Control when Handling Loads at High Elevations or While Training Operators
  • High-Efficiency Curtis AC Controllers Provide Trouble Free Operation
  • Interactive LCD Status Monitor (BDI with Lift Interrupt, Hour Meter with Service Monitor, Diagnostic Code Display, Input Device Calibration)
  • 48 Volt Electrical System
  • Optional Cold Storage Conditioned to -22°F (-30°C)


  • Non-Standard Fork Lengths
  • LED Headlights, Flashing Light and Rear Safety Lights
  • Non-Marking Tires
  • Vinyl Seat
  • Slide-Out Sideways Battery Tray
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Lazer Fork Height Indicator
  • Carriage Mounted Camera with Operator Compartment Monitor
  • Capable of Freezer Operation to -22°F (-30°C)


  • Four Wheel Design, Dual Rear Wheel Drive
  • 8” (200 mm) Stroke Integral Side Shifter
  • 41” (1041 mm) Stroke Integral Pantograph Reach
  • 52” (1321 mm) Reach From Face of Mast
  • 33” (838 mm) Wide Tilting and Side Shifting Fork Carriage
  • Adjustable Seat and Steering Wheel
  • Rotation via DuraSteerTM Actuator, with 5-Year Warranty on Articulation
  • Dual Curtis AC Traction Motor Controllers
  • Curtis AC Hydraulic Motor Controller
  • Battery Discharge Indicator with Slow Alert
  • Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • “Floating” Articulated Front Axle
  • One Parts and Operator’s Manual Included
  • Curtis Engage Dash Display
  • Hand Actuated Parking Brake
  • 36” (914mm) High Backrest
  • High Visibility Mast
  • 170˚ Rear View Mirror
  • Safety Seat Switch and Seat Belt
  • Fixed Mast with Carriage Tilt of 3º Fwd / 4º Rwd
  • 48 Volt Electrical System
  • Three Section Hydraulic Control Valve
  • Smooth Rubber Drive Tires
  • Soft Polyurethane Load Wheel Tires
  • 40” Tapered Tip Forks – Rear Tow Hitch Pin
  • Meets ANSI B56.1