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Over 40 Years of Continuous Government Contracts

Landoll is honored to have provided quality products to the men and women of the armed services since 1984. It is with great pride that we continue to provide our innovative branded products through GSA, DLA and DOD contracts. In addition, we offer a full-service parts department that has core knowledge of past and present equipment.

Landoll has been an industry leader in manufacturing innovative Trailers, Material Handling Equipment and Agricultural Equipment for commercial and government customers. Since 1963 Landoll has been a proven leader in design and innovation in our manufacturing fields. Through Don Landoll’s innovation, we build products to meet the needs of the market. From Don’s original patents on the Landoll Traveling Axle Trailer to our newest product the high-speed tillage disc; our products are built to outlast our competition. “Quality is Always a Bargain”

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Government Products

Military Sales

Landoll Celebrates over 35 Years of Continuous Government Contracts.

  • Cage Code: 65459
  • Small Business NAICS Codes: 336112, 336211, 336413, 333111, 333138, 333924, 336212, 33699

Diversification, vertical integration, and quality at the source are the keys to our success in producing military and commercial equipment. Landoll as a small business (less than 1000) has provided manufacturing and engineering experience as both a prime and subcontractor.

Our first military contract producing TM 1800 Deicers for the US Air Force in 1984, earned Landoll the prestigious National Small Business Prime Contractor of the year award.

Our prime contract partners included the Air Force, TACOM, Marines, Navy. GSA and DLA. (See the Historical Contracts Page for contract information)

As a subcontractor, we have been fortunate to work with Lockheed, DRS, Raytheon, BAE, Mack Defense, and Oshkosh.

In 1994 we received the DCMC (DCMA) Quality System Qualification Certificate.

Landoll is an ISO 9001-2015 Company.

GSA Products, GSA & DLA Contracts

Branded Products Meet Federal Requirements

GSA Contract 47QMCA21D000C and GS-07F-0137M (GSA Advantage)

DLA Contract SPE8EC-18-0014

Landoll branded products meet the need of our service men and women. In September 2001, Landoll was awarded GSA Contract GS-30F-0016L for our Commercial Over-the-road Trailers; ICON Earth Movers, Tillage Equipment, and Brillion Seeders. After 20 years we have retired contract GS30F0016L and were awarded a new MAS Contract.

In October 2011 the Landoll entered into a contract with the DLA Troop Support to supply over-the-road trailers. In October of 2018, we entered into a new contract with DLA SPE8EC-18-0014. This new contract offers the same quality products as our original DLA contract with the addition of new innovative transportation equipment.  DLA Contract SPE8EC-18-0014 offers most of the Landoll model trailers, including our specialized hydraulic traveling axle trailers.

Contract GS-07F-0137M is for Landoll’s Commercial Narrow Aisle and Very Narrow Aisle Forklifts.

The GSA and DLA Contracts are geared to meet the needs of the customer at all levels of the Federal Government, including both Federal Agencies and the Department of Defense.

Manufacturing Capabilities

High-Tech Equipment

Landoll is committed to manufacturing top of the line equipment for both our military and commercial customers. We utilize the owner’s philosophy of vertical integration that begins with high-quality steel and aluminum that flows seamlessly through the production processes to the finish goods. Landoll uses cutting edge technology in all of our manufacturing processes. With over 55 years of manufacturing experience, our products are known worldwide as an industry leader in innovative and quality equipment.

  • Tube Laser
  • Robot Weld Systems
  • 100+ Manual Weld Centers
  • WaterJet
  • Vertical Machining Center
  • Horizontal Machine Center
  • Lathe
  • Bystronic Flat Laser
  • Saws, shears, and Punches
  • Presses and Brakes
  • Bystronic Press Brake
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Shot Blast
  • Powder Coat Paint

Manufacturing Innovation

Landoll is located in the North Central Kansas Community of Marysville. The manufacturing facility is comprised 960,000+ square feet of manufacturing space under roof. Don Landoll founded what is now Landoll in 1963.

These production facilities are situated on a 22+-acre site with the available production capacity to fabricate components. This facility has a full range of metal cutting, forming, welding, and machining processes. The Landoll focuses on the fabrication and assembly of innovative commercial products; such as hydraulic traveling axle trailers; narrow and very narrow aisle forklifts and innovative tillage equipment. The military utilizes several of our modified commercial product for their critical missions.

We are committed to supporting the military with high-quality products. Our capabilities include application-focused engineering personnel and technologically advanced production systems to provide leading-edge manufacturing solutions.

Historical Contracts & Awards


Landoll has proudly produced equipment for the DOD Military Branches and the U. S. Government. Our commitment to manufacturing the highest possible quality products to meet critical needs has bestowed several awards over our 25 plus years of experience.

  • 1986 U.S. Small Business Administration Award for the National Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year Award
  • 1991 Certificate for outstanding performance as an Operation Desert Shield/Storm Contractor
  • 1996 Pro Patria award for support of the National Guard and Reserve
  • 1998 Department of Defense Contract Management Command (DCMC) Quality System Qualification
  • 1999 Ernst & Young Master Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • 2010 Society of Manufacturing Engineers– Company of the Year
  • 2011 AEM Hall of Fame service advancing off-road equipment industry and improving our quality of life.

History of Government Contracts & Awards

August 2012

Awarded DLA Contract SPE8EC-13-D-0009

This contract was for the Landoll line of trailers. This is a five (5) year contract with options.

April 2011

Awarded a GSA renewal

The renewal contract for an additional five years with options.

December 2010

Subcontracted to Raytheon

Currently under subcontract for David Sling Weapons System (DSWS) Trailer.

January 2010

Subcontracted to Osh Kosh

Currently under subcontract to build Load Handling Trailers.

May 2009

July 2006

April 2006

Awarded an additional five year option on the GSA Contract

This contract Number GS-30-F-0016L was for the Landoll line of trailers.

February 2004

May 2002

December 2001

Awarded a GSA Contract Number GS-30-F-0016L

The contract was for the Landoll line of trailers. Included in this contract was the Landoll Designed Self Loading Off-loading (SLOT).

October 2001

Awarded the “Sole Source” Contract

This contract was for spare parts with Defense Supply Center Columbus SP0700-01-D-9716. This contract was a ten year indefinite order, indefinite delivery contract.

September 1998

Awarded a Bonded Warehouse Contract F41608-98-C-0212

This contract purchased supply parts to aid the Armed Forces with 48 hours turn around on critical items.

April 1996

Landoll Corporation received the Pro Patria

Received for support of the National Guard and Reserve.

February 1992

August 1991

Awarded Landoll Corporation a Certificate for Outstanding Performance

The Defense Contract and Management District North Central awarded Landoll Company a certificate for outstanding performance as an Operation Desert Shield/Storm contractor for completing the subcontract with Mack Truck quickly and efficiently. The Defense Contract and Management District North Central awarded Landoll Company a certificate for outstanding performance as an Operation Desert Shield/Storm contractor for completing the subcontract with Mack Truck quickly and efficiently.

April 1991

Completed U.S. Air Force Contract F09603-87-C-0207

The contract was for one hundred thirty-eight (138) Forcible Entry Fire Fighting Trucks. Awarded U.S. Air Force Contract F41608-91-C-1032, C5-A Landing Gear, for four (4) units; U.S. Air Force Contract F09603-90-C-2447 10,000 pound Palletized Cargo Trailer two hundred thirty-eight (238) units for the third and fourth contract years and the option for three additional units; Contract F41608-90-C-0943, Multidirectional Nozzle for a quantity of one hundred ninety-eight (198) units.

March 1990

Awarded U.S. Air Force Contract F09603-90-C-2447

The contract was for 10,000 pound Palletized Cargo Trailers for a quantity of two hundred fourteen (214) units. Awarded subcontract DAAE07-90-C-0175 through Kalyn Inc. for one trailer to be manufactured for U.S. Army TACOM, and also awarded DAAE07-91-C-0367 with Mack Truck to manufacture twenty-four (24) 70 Ton Tank Haulers for operation Desert Shield/Storm through U.S. Army TACOM.

October 1989

June 1989

Awarded subcontract with GMC-MVO

The subcontract was to fabricate and build Thirty (30) Flatracks and eight (8) Side Board Kits for the PLS (Palletized Loading System) Project at TACOM.

February 1989

April 1988

March 1988

September 1987

August 1987

June 1987

February 1987

Awarded F09603-87-C-2059

The contract was for five (5) 45-ft. Air Ride Trailers.

August 1986

April 1986

U.S. Small Business Administration awarded Landoll Corporation the National Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year award

May 1985

Awarded U.S. Air Force Tactical Requirements contract number F41608-85-D-0226

The contract was for one hundred sixty-nine (169) Trailer Mounted Deicer/Washer units Model SA-700. Additional Military Contracts were awarded for Aviation Ground Support Equipment. Reference Contracts: F41608-85-R-0179 and DAAJ09-85-Q-3369 which were manufactured to MIL-I-45208.

June 1984

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