What Do You Need to Do?

Whether it’s cleaning ditches, rebuilding terraces, grading roads, moving snow, digging irrigation ditches, leveling fields or scraping feedlots, ICON has the tool for you.  One machine can be used for all these jobs and more around your farm or home.

Many Models to Choose From

The ICON Pull-Type Grader Series is split into four model groups: 1030, 1230, 1432 and 1632.  1030 features a 10′ long by 30″ high moldboard, 1230 has a 12′ long by 30” high moldboard, 1432 is equipped with a 14′ long by 32″ high moldboard and 1632 has a 16′ long by 32” high moldboard.  All sizes are also available with the Rear Steer option (model 1030RS, 1230RS, 1432RS and 1632RS).

User Friendly/Contractor Style

All models offer raise/lower, blade tilt and right/left angle adjustments from the convenience of the tractor.  The cutting edges are easily replaceable.  These units are equipped with LED safety warning lights, SMV sign, and a safety chain.  Transport widths can be made more narrow by unpinning blade cylinders.  Standard weight boxes on each model hold approximately ½ yard of concrete to stabilize the blades against the side draft.

ICON Graders

Clean ditches, rebuild terraces, grade roads, move snow, dig irrigation ditches, level fields and scrape feedlots all with the ICON Pull-Type Grader line-up


  • Three-Way Hydraulic Operation to Raise/Lower, Tilt, and Angle
  • Integral Break-A-Way Valve on Blade for Unit Protection: 12’ – 2,500 lbs.; 16’ – 3,100 lbs.
  • Fold Down Box Ends on Blade
  • 12.5L x 15-12 Ply Tires on 1230
  • 19L x 16.1 Tires on 1432 & 1632
  • Models 1432RS & 1632RS Available with Rear Steering (Requires Additional Remote Circuit)
  • Pintle Swivel Hitch
  • Yellow Industrial Paint
  • Safety Warning Lights