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1700 Blade Plow

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The 1700 Series Blade Plow from Landoll, built tough to last and designed with user-friendly adjustments for leveling, offers superior weed control for dryland farming operations.


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Providing a Solution

Many dryland farming customers have experienced the evolution of herbicide-resistant weeds and are looking for alternative methods or tools for weed control. Landoll has stepped up to that challenge and offers the 1700 Series Blade Plow as a solution for superior weed control for dryland farming operations. The Blade Plow is built tough to last and is designed with the user in mind; keeping the plow running level is key and all leveling adjustments on the 1700 Series are easy and user-friendly.

How It Works

The 1700 Series Blade Plow features 22” coulters up front to cut residue ahead of the 6’ wide blades that slice through any weed roots beneath the soil surface. The soil surface is virtually undisturbed and the rolling treaders on the rear of the machine grab any shallow-rooted weeds and rip them out of the soil getting them away from any available moisture.

The rolling treaders are aggressive enough to pull up those small weeds and loosened roots and create a layer of mulch on top of the soil surface. This loose mulch helps conserve moisture under the area the plow has sliced through the soil creating a thermal barrier. Weed control and moisture conservation in one tool!

Easy Leveling

The 1700 Series Blade Plow is carried on radial tires with heavy-duty 8-bolt hubs and 3” slip-in spindles. Not only does the Landoll Blade Plow have more load capacity than competitive models, but keeping the plow running level is much easier with consistent tire sizes across the width of the machine.

All cylinders are located on top of the frame and are easy to access for making adjustments. The ability to precisely level the plow allows for a shallower depth of operation. The over-the-top hitch design controls front to rear rotational forces, further helping keep the plow level. The hitch aids in penetrating hard ground conditions and has positive tongue weight to keep the plow in the ground when the treaders are raised.

The treaders are also adjustable with multiple armhole adjustments ensuring the operator can level the treaders at any working depth. The treaders are available with the standard arms or with an optional hydraulic lift package.

Built To Last

The 6’ wide cutting blades on the Blade Plow are hard-surfaced to enhance wearability. The same size blades are used across the width of the unit to help with the consistency of parts. The teeth on the treaders are also hard-surfaced to last longer.

The 1700 Series is built with enough strength to stay together; 5” x 4” x 3/8” frame tubes are used on the front of the frame. A maintenance-free 3-hinge system is used on all sections for added durability, along with maintenance-free lift axles. The Landoll Blade Plow is durable to handle adverse conditions and is built to last…that’s Landoll way.

Superior in Design – Easy Leveling

  • 4” x 4” x 3/8” Outer Center Frames and Rear Tubes to Handle Raised Treaders
  • 4″ x 4” x 5/16” Wing Hinge Tubes
  • 5” x 4” x 3/8” Front Frame Tubes
  • 3 Hinges on Each Frame
  • Spanner Beam Allows All Sections to Flex Side to Side Independently of One Another
  • 320/70R x 15 Radial Tires on 6 Section Units
  • 380/55R x 16.5 Radial Tires on 7 and 9 Section Units
  • 480/45R x 17 and 380/55R x 16.5 Radial Tires on 11 Section Units
  • 8-Bolt Hubs and 3” Slip-In Spindles in All Locations for Easier Leveling
  • 20-25% More Load Capacity Than Competitive Models
  • 5 ½” Lift Axles With Maintenance Free Lift System
  • Cylinders With Adjustable Anchors for Perfect Leveling and Shallow Working Depths
  • Cylinders Located Above Frame for Ease of Adjustment
  • Precision Leveling of Plow Allows Shallower Depth of Operation
  • 10” Road Clearance
  • Positive Hitch Weight With Treaders Installed
  • Hitch Aids in Penetrating Hard Ground Conditions
  • Adjustable 22” Smooth Coulters With 5-Bolt Hubs
  • 6’ Cutting Blades With Top Hard Faced
  • 5” Overlap With New Blades
  • 16” Between Front and Rear Blades
  • 26” Under Frame Clearance
  • Working Depth Range of 2” to 6”
  • Optional Rolling Treaders
  • 20” Diameter Treader With 7 Teeth per Wheel Positioned on 7” Centers
  • 5” of Hard Surfacing per Tooth
  • Large Tooth Design Provides Additional Tooth Strength and More Weed Killing Action
  • Over Center Frame Hitch Controls Front to Rear Rotational Forces Keeping Plow Level
  • Single Lip Cat. IV Hitch With Ball and 2” Diameter Hole
  • Optional Spare Tire With Mount
  • Optional Rear Tow Hitch
  • Single-Point Depth Control
  • Adjustment Wrench
  • Blue Powder Coat Paint
  • Safety Warning Lights

Model Specifications

1700 Series Blade Plow Models PDF Specs

1700 Series Blade Plow Models Excel Specs

1700 Series Blade Plow Operator’s Manual

1700 Series Blade Plow Repair Parts Manual

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