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875/877 Series Tilloll

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Reduce field trips and save money with the Tilloll from Landoll.  Level, incorporate and bring the soil to a nearly perfect planting condition in one pass.


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One Trip Proven Seedbed Preparation Machine

Conditions at planting time are all important to crop yield and seedbed preparation.  The Landoll 875/877 Tilloll will level, incorporate and bring the soil to a nearly perfect condition in one trip.  Save field trips and you will be saving fuel, operator labor and equipment dollars.  Combining field trips conserves moisture and provides a firmer seedbed.  The soil is worked fewer times, depositing erosion resistant residue and coarser soil on the surface to prevent sealing.  Chemicals are successfully mixed throughout the seedbed layers in a single high-speed trip across the field.

True One Pass Tool

The Tilloll, available in working widths from 10’6” to 40’, features 20” concave disc blades on 7 ½” spacing and a 10-degree gang angle to slice crop residue and penetrate the soil efficiently.  Behind the front disc gang is the soil deflector and spray shield, which helps knock down soil from the disc gang, reducing the possibility of ridging and leaving a level surface for chemical application.  The shields are fully adjustable and when properly adjusted, help return tilled soil toward the center of the machine.

Edge bent shanks featuring spring clamps with 170 lbs. of point load take care of the tillage action in the center of the machine.  Shanks are spaced at 9” and come standard with 10” sweeps.  Under frame clearance is 25 ½”.

The rear of the Tilloll features the chopper reel and spike drag leveling tool.  A 16” 5-blade chopper reel is mounted on trunnion bearings and C-cushion bearing standards and is positioned at a 10-degree angle to help return soil from the disc gangs.  The 3-bar spike drag includes adjustable spring down pressure and tooth angle; spike teeth are 7 ½” apart on each bar or on 2 ½” spacing overall.

Time Proven

Nobody does it better than Landoll when it comes to making a seedbed in one trip.  The 875/877 Tilloll is the only time proven seedbed preparation machine you will need!  Landoll’s commitment to quality, reliability and performance assures you are getting the very best equipment – that’s the Landoll way!

True One Pass Tool

  • 20” Concave Disc Blades Spaced at 7 ½”
  • 10 Degree Gang Angle
  • Reversible Scrapers
  • C-Cushion Bearing Standards with 1 ½” Gang Bolt
  • Soil Deflector/Spray Shield on Disc Gangs
  • Spring Clamp Shanks with 170 lbs. of Point Load
  • Edge Bent Shanks
  • 25 ½” Under Frame Clearance
  • 9” Shank Spacing
  • 10” Sweeps
  • Chopper Reel and Spike Leveling Attachment
  • 16” 5-Blade Reel Mounted on Trunnion Bearings and C-Cushion Bearing Standards
  • Chopper Mounted at 10 Degree Angle to Return Dirt from Front Gangs
  • 3-Bar Spike Drag with Adjustable Spring Down Pressure and Tooth Angle
  • Single Lip Cat. III or Cat. IV Hitch, Model Dependent
  • Walking Tandem Wheels (Except on 875-15F), Heavy-Duty Hubs and Spindles
  • Single Point Depth Control on 877 Models
  • Sapphire Blue Powder Coat Paint
  • LED Safety Warning Lights

Model Specifications

 875/877 Series Tilloll PDF Specs

875/877 Series Tilloll Excel Specs

875 Tilloll Operator’s Manual

875 Tilloll Repair Parts Manual

877 Tilloll Operator’s Manual

877 Tilloll Repair Parts Manual

To view manuals for previous versions of this or a different product line, click here.

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