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The Brillion Soil Builder is best described as an alternative tillage tool to the moldboard plow.  Introduced in the early 1970s, these machines and their ability for good, economical primary tillage have stood the test of time.

Why It Works

Basic straight cut coulters on a weighted gang in the front of the unit cut and size the residue. The chisel shanks, spaced on 15” centers and equipped with twisted chisel points, engage the soil and mix and blend the sized residue into an acceptable medium for preventing erosion and conserving moisture. These tools will leave the surface ridged to allow more surface to be available to the sunlight for the better dry down and warm up before the next planting season.

Brillion CD Models

The CD models are the original Soil Builders. A single, manually adjustable gang of coulters with 7 ½” spacing in the front of the machine starts the tillage process. Two ranks of chisel shanks are supported on a weighted frame that allows for 15” shank spacing. The shank and coulter spacing allow one coulter to lead each shank and have one coulter in between each shank for optimum soil breakout and residue flow. The CD series is available in 5 and 7 shank models. These machines fit very well with 100 to 150 HP tractors in most conditions.

Brillion HSB Models

The HSB series is the next generation of Soil Builders. Many of the proven components and features from the CD series have been incorporated into the HSB models. The coulter gangs have remained unchanged other than they are hydraulically controlled. The chisel shanks are mounted to a 3-rank frame for added residue capacity. The lift axle is controlled with a single depth stop cylinder. Walking tandems are available on the larger units. The hitch is longer to accommodate larger tractors with dual tires. The HSB models are available in 7, 9, 11, and 13 shank models. Horsepower requirements are 15 to 20 HP per shank.

Bottom Line

The bottom line on the Brillion Soil Builders is still the same…they fit the need and meet the expectations of the customer. It’s just that simple!

Advanced Solutions to High Residue Problems

  • 5 to 13 Shank Rigid Frame Models Available
  • Flip-Flop Style Hitch
  • A-Frame Drawbar
  • Ratchet Jack Frame Leveling
  • Single Point Depth Control
  • 4″ x 4″ Square Tube Weighted Frame
  • 29″ Under Frame Clearance
  • Walking Tandem Axles Provide for a Smooth Ride (Model Dependent)
  • 20″ Coulter Blades Spaced at 7.5″
  • 7.5″ Solid Cast Iron Spools Provide Extra Weight to Cut Through the Toughest Residue
  • 1.5″ Square Gang Bolt Prevents Coulters from Sliding in Wet Conditions
  • Hydraulic Depth Control for Coulters (Model Dependent)
  • Dual Nested Spring Shanks Trip up to 5.5″
  • Spring Pressure/Trip Resistance is Adjustable from 550 to 825 lbs.
  • Maximum Operating Depth is 10″
  • One Piece 4″ Twisted Shovels Standard Equipment
  • Safety Warning Lights
  • Powder Coat Paint

Model Specifications

Soil Builder Models PDF Specs

Soil Builder Models Excel Specs

Soil Builder (CD/HCD Series) Operator’s Manual

Soil Builder (CD/HCD Series) Repair Parts Manual

 Soil Builder (SB/HSB Series) Operator’s Manual

 Soil Builder (SB/HSB Series) Repair Parts Manual

To view manuals for previous versions of this or a different product line, click here.

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