BRILLION, WI – October 5, 2012 – Landoll Corporation introduces the new Brillion Farm Equipment Model 4630-36, Folding Grass Seeder.  The 4630-36 features three independent 12’ seeders mounted to a Landoll folding toolbar.  The seeder folds to under 14’ wide for safe transporting from shop to field.  Designed for the large grower, the unit is capable of planting 25 acres per hour at a recommended speed of 6 mph.

Each seeder is mounted on an independent three-point hitch linkage to the toolbar. “Everyone who has operated the new seeder this past spring was impressed with the way the seeders were able to follow the contours of the ground,” reports Gary Wallander, Brillion’s Product Support Manager. Standard equipment on all three seeders is an electric clutch with a cab mounted console that allows on/off control for each individual unit.  A heavy-duty coil tine harrow removes tire tracks on the wing sections.

The 4630-36 comes standard with three 12’ three-point hitch seeders; three seeder options are available depending on the crop to be seeded.  The SSBP-36 features two seed hoppers, a front hopper for alfalfa and smaller seeds and a rear hopper for brome and other grasses.  The mid-sized SSP-136 features a larger hopper for the operator who wants to seed only alfalfa and small seeds. The high capacity SSP-2361 features an extra-large hopper for alfalfa and small seeds.

Optional equipment includes a folding row marker kit and other add-ons that are available for Brillion Seeder models.

The Brillion Farm Equipment brand is produced by Landoll Corporation. Brillion equipment is designed to be durable, long-lasting and productive in a wide range of environments. For more information on the 4630-36 Folding Seeder or other Brillion Farm Equipment products, call 855-320-0373 or visit here.