Landoll Corporation of Marysville Kansas has released a new option for its 400 series Traveling Axle and 900 series Traveling Tail trailers, air disc brakes.  The optional Landoll AIRDISC 17 brake system has been integrated with an all new custom air ride suspension to bring high performance braking to the commercial equipment trailer industry.  The collaboration between Dexter Axle and Landoll Corporation has developed a whole new system designed from the ground up.

The Landoll AIRDISC 17 brake system is designed for applications with extremely demanding brake usage, air disc brakes provide consistent performance during extended braking cycles, such as long descending mountain grades.  Reduced brake fade and fast on/off response significantly improves stopping distance versus drum brake applications.

Landoll chose WABCO because of their high quality and long-lasting components.  WABCO’s PAN 17 uses single piston technology, a patented taper wear compensation, fully encapsulated guiding pins and are lubricated for life, “life-time greased”.  This advanced design is used on 1000s of trailer axles each year which makes replacement parts readily available across North American.

There are several important features of the Landoll AIRDISC 17 brakes.  Improved stopping distance, lower maintenance costs and longer life cycles are going to save customers money and increase their ROI.

Landoll Corporation is a leading manufacturer of equipment transport trailers from 5 to 60-ton capacity.