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Detachable Trailers

Proven Solutions and Multipurpose…Combines, Tractors,Tillage, Planters, Construction Equipment . . .

Landoll trailers have been exceeding customer’s expectations of innovation and quality for over 45 years. Landoll Detachable trailers are no exception and are designed for today’s equipment dimensions in mind. Landoll, a brand name that is world famous for exceptional quality and high retained resale value, offers both an Ag and Construction series of detachable trailers to meet your needs.


Agricultural and construction equipment is taller, wider and larger than ever before. With the Landoll 800 Series detachable trailers, rest assured that the latest technology and safety features are built right in the state-of-the-art factory.

Patented Gooseneck Design

For safety and ease of operation, a single hydraulic control level lowers the deck, detaches and actives the patented gooseneck lock/support arm. In a matter of minutes, you are ready to load/unload. No driving up and over the trunnion again.

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