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What can the Zone Commander do that an ordinary sub-soiler can’t do?2018-04-05T21:40:28-05:00

The Zone Commander is a unique machine that can do what most sub-soilers can do. However, the Zone Commander has the capacity to operate at depths down to 20” through at least one hard pan layer and many times through two without disturbing the surface other than in the slot directly behind the shank leg. The geometry of the shank leg and the point lift the soil up and lay it back down without rolling or boiling the surface. When the Zone Commander is equipped with the proper options, it can be transformed to a strip-till machine that can till the soil, place fertilizer and prepare the seedbed all in one trip.

How much horsepower does it take to pull a Zone Commander?2018-04-05T21:48:53-05:00

The horsepower requirements for the Brillion Zone Commander range from 40 to 80 HP per shank. Keep in mind that soil density, soil moisture, depth of operation and soil type will dictate actual horsepower needed.

How do I determine how deep to run a Zone Commander?2018-04-05T21:50:11-05:00

Effective operation of the Zone Commander occurs when the points are running approximately 1 to 2” below the lowest hardpan layer.

What do I have to do to find the hardpan layers?2018-04-05T21:51:41-05:00

The best method to find the hardpan layers involves digging a root pit to visually inspect the soil profile down to a depth of about 24”. At the side of the pit, place your pocket knife into the soil and draw up with the sharp edge leading. You will be able to feel the hardpan layers as the knife blade passes through the soil. This will show where the layers are.

Do I have to take out the hardpan layers every year?2018-04-05T21:53:24-05:00

Actually, no. The Zone Till system requires that the hardpan layers are sliced open on 15” centers. This is usually done in back to back crop years. Once this foundation work is completed, the growing root systems and strip tillage practices will keep the slots performing for years.

Is it imperative that I plant directly on the slot?2018-04-05T21:54:43-05:00

. In a perfect world, every plant should be precisely placed over the slot. However, we do not farm in a perfect world. The latest innovations in guidance systems are moving us toward better accuracy all the time. After the second set of slots are placed, the slots are spaced on 15” centers so in real life planting, the furthest the plant will be from a slot would be 7.5”. In all but the most rugged conditions, the roots will find this path of least resistance and be able to penetrate deeper into the profile in search of moisture and nutrients.

Are the Brillion Sub-Soiler shanks protected from obstructions in the soil?2018-04-05T21:55:46-05:00

Yes. They have a shear bolt to protect the shank and the frame in the event that an obstruction is encountered. When the bolt shears, the machine needs to be raised, the shank put back in position and a new bolt installed.

Are coulters available as an option on the Brillion Sub Soilers?2018-04-05T21:56:47-05:00


Are the Chisel Plows available in pull-type and three-point hitch?2018-04-06T13:54:31-05:00

No. The Brillion Chisel plows are only available in three-point hitch models. They are available in 2-Bar and 3-Bar models.

What types of shanks are available on the Brillion Chisel Plows?2018-04-06T13:56:58-05:00

There are 3 rigid shank assemblies and 3 spring clamp assemblies. One of each utilizes a 1” x 2” x 26” shank, 1 of each utilizes a 1 ¼” x 2” x 26” shank and 1 of each uses a 1 ¼” x 2” x 32” shank.

What is the nominal shank spacing on a Brillion Chisel Plow?2018-04-06T13:59:43-05:00

Shank spacing is 12”.

What size Pulverizers does Brillion currently make?2018-04-06T14:01:34-05:00

5 foot to 52-foot machines are available.

Are there different wheel styles available?2018-04-06T14:05:21-05:00

Yes. There are typically 5 different wheel styles used. The most popular is the 20” notched ductile wheel. A 20” ductile iron Optimizer® wheel is another popular option. A 20” gray iron crowfoot wheel is used in some areas. A 20” gray iron notched wheel is still popular as well. Some of the small machines use 16” notched or crowfoot wheels.

What does a Pulverizer do to the soil?2018-04-06T14:06:41-05:00

The performance of the pulverizer normally includes firming the soil. In essence, the pulverizing operation squeezes the air pockets out of the seedbed and allows for better seed/soil contact that enhances uniform germination. The pulverizer also smoothes and levels the surface for better planting and harvesting performance.

Can a Brillion Pulverizer be pulled as a companion tool with a field cultivator, disc harrow or soil finisher?2018-04-06T14:08:13-05:00

Yes it can. In fact, many manufacturers offer rear hitches for these machines to pull a companion tool.

How much additional horsepower does it take to pull a Pulverizer as a companion tool?2018-04-06T14:09:50-05:00

Under normal conditions, it takes one additional HP per foot to tow a Pulverizer as a companion tool.

What is a Pulvi-Mulcher?2018-04-06T14:11:35-05:00

A Brillion Pulvi-Mulcher has been called many names. It is known as a Culti-Mulcher and Roller Harrow in some parts of the country. Basically, it is a machine with a set of front rollers, a set of cultivator teeth and another set of rollers in the rear.

How does a Pulvi-Mulcher work?2018-04-06T14:18:54-05:00

The front set of rollers starts the leveling process by breaking up the clumps and lumps. The cultivator’s teeth loosen soil while bringing moist soil into the seed environment. The rear set of rollers firm the seedbed and prepare it for the planter or drill.

What is the optimal operating speed of the Brillion Pulvi-Mulcher?2018-04-06T14:21:51-05:00

The Pulvi-Mulchers operate best at speeds between 5-7 MPH.

Can the Brillion Pulvi-Mulchers be equipped with Notched and/or Crowfoot wheels?2018-04-06T14:24:08-05:00

That is correct. The Brillion Pulvi-Mulchers can be set up with Crowfoot front and rear, Notched front and rear, Crowfoot front/Notched rear or Notched front/Crowfoot rear.

How does the Brillion Food Plot Seeder work?2018-04-06T14:26:58-05:00

The design principle behind the Food Plot Seeder started with having a machine that was capable of doing more than one operation but not limited to doing all operations at once. In fact, the Food Plot Seeder can disc, harrow, seed, culti-pack and coil tine if so desired.

What is the seeding width and weight of the Food Plot Seeder?2018-04-06T14:33:08-05:00

The Food Plot Seeder seeds 72”. The base unit weighs 1,284 lbs.

How much horsepower does the Food Plot Seeder require?2018-04-06T14:35:57-05:00

The Food Plot Seeder needs between 35 and 60 HP to operate safely and efficiently.

Can the Food Plot Seeder be pulled with an ATV/UTV?2018-04-06T14:37:24-05:00

The Food Plot Seeder requires Cat. I-II three-point hitch and a host heavy enough to safely handle the 1,284 lbs. of the machine during operation.

What types of seeds will the Food Plot Seeder plant?2018-04-06T14:39:53-05:00

The standard meter box will effectively plant most granular seeds such as clovers, alfalfas, chicory, brassicas, and a variety of the specialty blends. The optional agitator box will meter the fluffier, bulkier type seeds such as cereal grains, sorghum, turnips, ryegrass, and a variety of the specialty blends.

Will the Food Plot Seeder plant corn and soybeans?2018-04-06T14:41:15-05:00

Corn and soybeans will marginally meter through the optional agitator box with a brush agitator. However, depth of seed placement will be very shallow (1/2” max.) with the Food Plot Seeder. Therefore, we do not recommend planting corn or soybeans with the Food Plot Seeder.

What size tractor is needed to operate the Till ‘N Seed®?2024-02-22T14:47:43-06:00

The tractor needs to have a Cat. I or II three-point hitch capable of lifting 2,000 lbs. 24” behind the hitch pins. A simple hitch adjustment allows for offset applications if desired for wider tractors.

What ground conditions will the seeder work in? Does it plug up easily?2018-04-06T14:48:07-05:00

The seeder works best in untilled ground with or without existing vegetation. The front rotor needs to maintain traction in firm ground in order to turn the tillage rotor. The seeder is very resistant to plugging due to the self-cleaning action of the meshing rotors. Sticks and natural ground debris seldom cause problems.

How fast can the Till ‘N Seed® be operated?2024-02-22T14:47:32-06:00

Speeds of up to 8 mph are possible in favorable conditions.

What is the Till ‘N Seed® used for?2024-02-22T14:47:26-06:00

The Till ‘N Seed® can be used in many applications such as primary seeding and overseeding of grasses in pastures, lawns, athletic fields and parks, de-thatching lawns, shredding and planting into tall stands of grass and wildlife food plots, loosening compacted gravel, and more.

What types of seeds will the Till ‘N Seed® plant?2024-02-22T14:47:12-06:00

The meters will accurately handle small seeds up through corn and soybeans. However, the seeder is most suitable for the smaller seeds that need to be planted shallow such as grass, alfalfa, clover, etc.

What sizes are the Agricultural Seeders available in?2018-04-06T14:56:39-05:00

The SS Series of Ag Seeders starts with three mounted models in 4, 5, and 6-foot sizes. There are also 8, 10 and 12-foot models available in both mounted and pull-type models.

What is a Brome Box?2018-04-06T15:00:26-05:00

The Brome Box is an optional seed box that will allow the 8, 10 and 12-foot seeders to seed the bulky and fluffier seed varieties. The Brome Box option can be added to a current SS Seeder in the field. (The Brome Box is standard equipment on the 4, 5, and 6-foot sizes.) Contact your Brillion Dealer for details.

What varieties of seeds can the SS Series plant?2018-04-06T15:03:13-05:00

The standard SS Series with the legume box can meter and plant most of the granular types of seeds. See the seed rate charts or contact the Brillion Sales Office for details.

Can the Brillion SS Series plant cereal grains such as wheat, oats, rye, barley, etc.?2018-04-06T15:04:52-05:00

Yes, it can. However, the SS Series has to be equipped with a Brome Box option. Producers need to keep in mind that Brillion does not recommend use of the SS Series for seeding cereal grains as a harvestable crop because the seed will only be placed in the top ¼” to ½” of soil. This is normally too shallow for a harvestable crop.

Will the SS Series plant wild flowers/prairie mix varieties?2018-04-06T15:06:15-05:00

Equipped with a brome box and the correct agitator, the SS Series will plant some specific varieties of wild flowers/prairie mixes. For specifics, call the Brillion Sales office.

What is the optimal operating speed for the SS Series Seeders?2018-04-06T15:10:24-05:00

The SS Series Seeder performs very well in the 3.5 to 6 MPH range. These seeders are ground driven. Therefore the speed of operation (in the 3.5 to 6 MPH range) does not affect the seeding rate.

Are there any other models of Agricultural Seeders available from Brillion?2018-04-06T15:11:31-05:00

Yes, there are. The SS-100 Series is a mid-capacity seeder that is designed specifically for seeding alfalfa. It has a larger capacity seed box with seed meters spaced closer together for a tighter broadcast pattern required by many producers. There is also the SS-200 Series High Capacity models that boast more than double the seed box capacity of the mid-capacity and the tighter broadcast pattern as well.

What is the difference between an Agricultural Seeder and a Landscape Seeder?2018-04-06T15:12:54-05:00

To the untrained eye, the Agricultural and Landscape Seeders look very similar. All use the proven double roller concept with the top mounted seed boxes. There are some distinct differences, however. Most models of the Landscape Seeders are equipped with specific transmissions to allow the seeders to provide rates compatible with the landscape varieties of seed. Yes, some will seed agricultural seed varieties. However, check the rates before seeding. Another difference is that many of the Landscape Seeders use the plastic blade agitator to meter the seed. Some may use a brush type agitator for specialty seeds. Therefore, when deciding to purchase a Brillion seeder, determine what seeds will be seeded and at what rate. Contact your Brillion dealer or the Brillion Sales office for more details.

What sizes are the Landscape/Turfmaker Seeders available in?2018-04-06T15:14:23-05:00

The Landscape Series is available in 5 and 6 foot models. The Turfmaker Series is available from 8 to 12 feet.

Is there a Brillion Landscape Seeder that can be used on a skid loader?2018-04-06T15:25:38-05:00

Yes. The model LSS-6 is a six foot Landscape Seeder with a universal adaptor plate that will attach to most skid loaders. This seeder can also be used with a tractor with a Cat. I three-point hitch.

Is the Brillion LSS-6 Seeder bi-directional?2018-04-06T15:28:42-05:00

In a sense it is bi-directional. It can be either pushed or pulled depending on which side of the machine the adaptor plate is attached. However, in either mode, the largest roller on the LSS-6 has to be the leader. Failure to heed this warning will cause major mechanical damage to the seed box/driveline, etc.

Does Brillion have a Landscape Seeder that will seed the heavy rates of Fescue and Blue Grass?2018-04-06T15:29:50-05:00

Yes. The Turf Maker II Series will seed these varieties at the high rates required by some producers. These seeders use a large metering device to put out the high rates. These seeders have high capacity boxes to accommodate the high seeding rates. Once again, if in doubt about the varieties of seed to be seeded, contact your Brillion dealer for advice.

What is a Double Seeder Hitch?2018-04-06T15:38:26-05:00

The Brillion Double Seeder Hitch is a machine designed to safely hook two Brillion seeders in tandem to increase the seeding width and improve efficiency. The BDH-512 can use any combination of 8, 10 or 12-foot pull-type seeders or other similar implements.

How does the BDH-512 Hitch work?2018-04-06T15:39:46-05:00

The BDH-512 uses a single double acting cylinder to place the two seeders in transport or field mode. An over the top swing arm controls the position of the seeders. In field operation, the center line of the tractor stays in line with the center line of the seeders. In transport, the complete unit is as wide as the widest seeder or implement it is pulling. An integral turnbuckle allows for adjustment of the overlap of the two seeders. With both seeders operating independently, the BDH-512 will require three remote outlets on the tractor.

Is it possible to back up with the BDH-512 and the two companion seeders?2018-04-06T15:40:56-05:00

Realistically, no. This unit was not designed to be able to back up with the seeders attached.

What sizes of Flail Shredders does Brillion offer?2018-04-06T15:42:06-05:00

Currently, Brillion offers a 12 and 15-foot model Flail Shredder.

Are the Brillion Flail Shredders available in 540 and 1000 RPM PTO?2018-04-06T15:43:01-05:00

Yes, both the 12 and 15-foot machines are available in both PTO configurations.

What is the tip speed of the rotor on the Brillion Flail Shredder?2018-04-06T15:43:58-05:00

The 1000 RPM models have a rotor speed of 1630 RPM. That equals 10,300 SFM at rated speed.

What types of knives are available on the Brillion Flail Shredders?2018-04-06T15:45:10-05:00

The Brillion Flail Shredders can be equipped with cup knives for maximum suction, reversible side slicer knives for maximum cutting performance or a combination of both cup and side slicers for the best of both worlds.

What is a Seedbed Mulch Tucker?2018-04-06T15:46:07-05:00

The Brillion Seedbed Mulch Tucker is a landscape tool that tucks the mulch into the seedbed to keep it from blowing and eroding away. The Seedbed Mulch Tucker utilizes a straight 20” disc tucker blade gang to do the tucking and a single Pulverizer roller to firm up the seedbed.

What sizes does the Seedbed Mulch Tucker come in?2018-04-06T15:48:06-05:00

The Brillion Seedbed Mulch Tucker is available in 6 and 8-foot sizes. The Mulch Tucker can be bought without the Pulverizer if desired.

What are the horsepower requirements for the Seedbed Mulch Tucker?2018-04-06T15:49:25-05:00

A minimum of a 30 HP tractor will be needed. Lift capacity of the three-point hitch needs to be 2,000 lbs. 24” behind the hitch pins.

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