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Home > Farm Equipment > Landoll Farm Equipment > 7800 High Speed Landoll (HSL)

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7800 High-Speed Landoll (HSL)

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Get high speed residue management with features that leave the competition behind with the High Speed Landoll (HSL) Disc.


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The Evolution of Tillage

Today’s tillage is geared toward handling heavier residue, providing better efficiency, and trimming input costs along the way.  The 7800 Series High Speed Landoll (HSL) is the latest entry in the high-speed disc market from Landoll, a proven leader in the tillage industry since 1963.

Available in working widths from 13 to 40 feet, the HSL can cut, size and bury residue, is robust and reliable to work through rocky conditions and leave a finished seedbed that is level and smooth.

Smoothest Ride in the Industry

The HSL offers the smoothest ride in the industry with its industry-first tilt control feature, high floatation tires, walking tandems on the wings of the three-section folding units, and spring cushions on the rear leveling attachment.

The tilt control feature simplifies the adjustment process when leveling the unit from front to rear. The tilt control feature also aids operator ease in cab tracking adjustments; keeping the HSL running straight allows the discs to work most efficiently.  Working with shallow depths of 2” to 5“ at high speeds demands a smooth ride and there is nothing better than heavy-duty flotation tires and walking tandems on the wings.  Rear leveling attachments are spring cushioned eliminating any bounce at the rear of the machine.  A simple cylinder adjustment allows the operator to adjust the down pressure on the reels or rollers to meet varying field conditions.

The HSL is Reliable

Individual torsion mounted 24” notched or smooth blades on a 17-degree angle and 10” spacing are protected by rubber mounts to relieve stress on the frame and blades.  Maintenance-free, dual tapered roller bearings are located on the back side of each disc blade and are protected by an internally rotating 5-lip seal.

The HSL utilizes a floating hitch design to follow irregular ground contours and maintain an even cutting depth, which is assisted by the hydraulic wing down pressure.  The hydraulic jack makes hooking and unhooking the unit safe and convenient.

Simple as 1-2-3

All front mounted depth controls are easy to access and getting the HSL field ready is simple with 3 easy steps: First, set the cutting depth of the discs with the tires up front.  Second, level the unit from front to rear using the tilt control feature.  Third, set the pressure of the rear leveling attachment.  That’s it and you are on your way.

Customize Your HSL

Each HSL can be customized to specific soil conditions with the addition of Chevron Rollers, Spring Tine Reels or Rubber Rollers.

Heavy-duty chevron conditioner reels put a finishing touch to every pass.  The reel firms up the soil profile, breaks up clods and creates an excellent seedbed while anchoring residue in primary tillage applications.  The chevron reel is best in arid climates with drier soil conditions.

The spring tine reels level and firm the seedbed.  The vibration of the steel spring tines helps shed sticky soils and flex when hitting stones.  The spring tine reels leave a corduroy finish on the soil surface.

The rubber rollers provide a more complete firming action for widely varying soil types.  The rollers will push stones down into the soil for smoother planting and harvesting operations.  The Farm Flex rubber along with adjustable scrapers keep sticky soils from building up on the rollers.  The rubber rollers are the best rear attachment for rocky conditions and varying soil types.

High Speed Residue Management

The HSL from Landoll is the ideal aggressive high-speed tillage tool that’s changing the way you manage residue.  Able to cover hundreds of acres a day, the HSL is ideal for both primary or secondary tillage operations and fall or spring applications. And have peace of mind that your high-speed disc is tough and rugged and built to last – that’s the Landoll way!

Features That Leave the Competition Behind

  • Operating Depth Range of 2” to 5”
  • Individually Mounted 24” Notched or Smooth Blades on 10” Spacing and 17 Degree Angle
  • Rubber Torsion Spring Pressure on Blade Arms
  • Maintenance-Free Dual Tapered Roller Disc Bearings
  • Available with Chevron Reels, Spring Tine Reels, Rubber Rollers or Double Chevron Rollers (Model Dependent)
  • Smoothest Ride of all High Speeds with Spring Cushioned Rollers/Reels; Bounce is Eliminated
  • Tilt Control Feature to Level Front to Rear
  • All Adjustments are Simple; Front Mounted Depth Controls are Easy to Access
  • Laser Cut, Robotically Welded Frame
  • Heavy-Duty Transport Axles with UHMW Maintenance-Free Pivots
  • Heavy-Duty Flotation Tires
  • Walking Tandems on Wings
  • Floating Hitch Helps Maintain an Even Cutting Depth
  • Hydraulic Jack for Easy Hook-ups
  • 13’ Three-Point Hitch Model
  • 17’, 20’ and 23’ Pull-Type Two-Section Folding Models
  • 25’, 30’, 35’ and 40’ Pull-Type Three-Section Folding Models
  • Narrow Transport Width
  • Blue Powder Coat Paint
  • LED Safety Warning Lights

Model Specifications

7800 Series HSL PDF Specs

7800 Series HSL Excel Specs

7822 Series HSL Operator’s Manual

7822 Series HSL Repair Parts Manual

7833 Series HSL Operator’s Manual

7833 Series HSL Repair Parts Manual

To view manuals for previous versions of this or a different product line, click here.

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