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Home > Farm Equipment > Landoll Farm Equipment > 7800 High Speed Landoll (HSL)

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7800 High-Speed Landoll (HSL)

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Get high speed residue management with features that leave the competition behind with the High Speed Landoll (HSL) Disc.


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Tillage: The Next Step

Production agriculture is in a state of constant transition. With that change comes new and innovative practices that will be performed by new machines. Tillage is being geared toward handling heavier residue, providing better efficiency while trimming input costs along the way. The new High-Speed Landoll (HSL) is the latest entry in the tillage equipment market from Landoll, a proven leader in the tillage industry since 1963.

The HSL is Real

Customer feedback has asked us to design a machine to better handle the high level of a residue at depths equal to or deeper than a conventional disc harrow but be able to operate at speeds around 10 MPH. These machines need to be able to cut and size the residue, be able to bury a specific amount of that residue, be robust and reliable enough to work through rocky and stony conditions without fail and leave the finished field level and smooth enough to plant into. That is a tall order. The HSL is up to the task.

The HSL is Versatile

The blade angle and blade pitch are pre-set for optimum performance for both spring and fall. Depth of operation is easily adjusted through the front-mounted adjusting rods that provide infinite adjustment within the 2” to 5” range to fine-tune the operating depth to specific needs. There is an HSL to fit most every operation. The series starts with a 13’ three-point hitch model and goes all the way up to 25’, 30’, 35’ and 40’ pull-type units.

The HSL is Robust

The structural steel frame is the foundation of the HSL. From the beginning, the HSL was designed to utilize Landoll’s state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Time-proven transport axles with heavy-duty spindles, hubs and tires are capable of carrying the HSL wherever it needs to be. The hydraulic system was designed specifically for the HSL; the unique folding and the raise and lower circuits are built to be user friendly while providing maximum efficiency. A newly designed remote hydraulic hitch jack rounds out the hydraulic requirements on the HSL.

The HSL is Reliable

The individual torsion mounted disc arms are mounted directly to the frame. The disc arms are cut and formed from 3/4” high tensile flat stock; the torsion mounts relieve the stress on the frame when obstructions are encountered. Disc blades are mounted to the arms with a 5-bolt hub that utilizes an automotive-style bearing pack that is protected by an internally rotating 5-lip seal. This disc bearing/hub design is virtually maintenance-free.

The HSL: “The Rest of the Story”

The pull-type models offer a transport width of 12’, one of the narrowest in the industry. The HSL utilizes 24” x 1/4” notched blades, which are individually mounted in an overlapping pattern from front to rear for maximum performance in heavy residue, rutted fields, and other adverse conditions. An adjustable retaining disc allows fine-tuning for variable field conditions. This disc will eliminate ridging on the outside of the machine. The HSL uses a floating hitch that enhances the ability to follow contours for an even cutting depth across the width of the machine. The final finish of the field is groomed by a 21” diameter reel featuring 1 1/4” x 1/4” wall tubes that are formed and welded into a chevron pattern for vibration-free performance.

Features That Leave the Competition Behind

  • Laser Cut, Robotically Welded Frame
  • Heavy-Duty Transport Axles with UHMW Maintenance-Free Pivots
  • (2) 710/40R x 22.5 Tires with 10-Bolt Wheels and 4” Slip-In Spindles on Center Section
  • (4) 32/1550 x 16.5 Tires with 8-Bolt Wheels and 2 1/4” Slip-In Spindles on Wings
  • Individually Mounted 24” Notched or Smooth Blades on 10″ Spacing and 17 Degree Angle
  • The option of an Aggressive Compound or Vertical Blade Angle
  • Torsion Mounted Disc Mount
  • Maintenance-Free Dual Tapered Roller Disc Bearings
  • Floating Hitch
  • Front Mounted Depth Adjustment
  • Depth is Gauged by Wheels in Front and Reels in Rear
  • Operating Depth Range of 2” to 5”
  • Cast Lip Cat. IV Hitch
  • Available with Chevron Reels, Spring Tine Reels, Rubber Rollers or Double Chevron Rollers (Model Dependent)
  • 13’ Three-Point Hitch Model
  • 15′, 17′, 20′ and 22′ Two-Section Folding Models
  • 25’, 30’, 35’ and 40’ Pull-Type Three-Section Folding Models
  • Blue Powder Coat Paint
  • LED Safety Warning Lights

Model Specifications

7800 Series HSL PDF Specs-Coming Soon

7800 Series HSL Excel Specs

7822 Series HSL Operator’s Manual

7822 Series HSL Repair Parts Manual

7833 Series HSL Operator’s Manual

7833 Series HSL Repair Parts Manual

To view manuals for previous versions of this or a different product line, click here.

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