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Detachable Model 835

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Landoll’s innovative trailer solutions directly impact the paving and construction industry with a Detachable series of Lowboy trailers.


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Landoll’s innovative trailer solutions directly impact the paving industry with a Detachable series of Lowboy trailers. These trailers are designed to make your driver’s job safer, simpler, and more productive.

Patented Neck

Landoll’s patented neck has a single hydraulic function. The neck operation is one hydraulic lever which fully detaches and carries the neck away from the lower deck. Reconnecting is just as easy. Back up and the alignment wedge centers the neck and the “A” frame load carrier relocks the lower deck and lifts the trailer to transport position. Choose one of seven ride heights to adjust to the proper transport position.


Drivers need flexibility while loading. With bigger equipment, it’s necessary to make loading onto the lower deck trouble-free. From a clean assist ramp for larger equipment to the fully Hydraulic Power Ramp loading forklifts, pavers and rollers, Landoll gives you the ability to load just about anything just inches from the ground.

Safety-High-Visibility Lighting

Landoll, working in collaboration with Grote Industries, offers new LED diode maker lights to maximize the luminous output with up to 22 lights on every trailer. The rear-facing DOT lights have also been enhanced by adding the fourth tail-turn light to the mud flap bracket. This high visibility light package has substantially increased awareness and is standard equipment on all 400 and 800 series trailers.

Get the most from your equipment dollars, work safely at night, and get the highest return on your investment with a Landoll Detachable or a Landoll traveling axle from the world leader in equipment trailers – Landoll.

Frame and Features

  • *Capacity: 35 Ton (70,000 lbs.)
  • Deck Rating: 70,000 lbs. in 12′
  • Estimated Base Weight: 17,740 lbs. (51′)
  • Main Frame: Fabricated 11-3/8″, 100,000 PSI Flange
  • Crossmembers: 6″ High Tensile I-Beams on 21-3/4″ Centers
  • Gooseneck:  11’9″ with 7 Position Fifth Wheel Ride Hight
  • Pin Setting: 15″
  • Swing Clearance: 84″
  • Hitch: Fifth Wheel Type Automatic Gooseneck Lock Engagement with Lock / Unlock Visual from Tractor Cab
  • Deck Width: 102″
  • Loaded Deck Height: 18″
  • Loaded Ground Clearance: 6.5″
  • Decking: 1-1/2″ Nominal, Apitong Track Area
  • Accessories: 3rd Axle Ready, 12″ Swing-Out Outriggers; Half Front Bolster w/ Traction Bars, Lowered Bolster between Tires, HD Sloped Front Approach w/ Traction Bars, Open Boom Trough with “V”-Type Bumper
  • Storage Area:  1-Between Main Frame at Rear of Lower Deck (41″W x 21″L x 6″D)
  • Tie Downs: 22 Total, All Angled “D” Rings,

Supspension and Undercarriage

  • Suspension: Neway RLU250 Air Ride
  • Grease: Centralized Grease System 25,000 Lb. Capacity Mechanical Ride Height Control Valve
  • Axles: 2-25,000 Lb. Dual Tire, Oil Bath Bearings; 50″ Spacing; Prepped for Air Inflation
  • Brakes: 16.5×7 Full Air / Spring Brakes ABS 4S/2M
  • Tires: 255/70R 22.5 LRH DOUBLE COIN
  • Rims: 22.5×8.25
  • Wheels: Hub Pilot / Steel Outboard Brake Drums
  • Oil Seal Hubs: Internal Mated Assembly


  • Hydraulic Hook Up: Quick Couplers 2500 PSI/20 GPM @ Controls; 50 GPM Max
  • Cylinders: Main Gooseneck Cylinders Horizontally Mounted


  • Air / Electrical: Glad Hand / 7-Way Receptacle
  • Lights: Grote MicroNova® LED Clear Lens (10-Year Warranty)
  • Wiring Harness: Grote “Xtreme” Wiring Harness (7-Year Warranty)

Finish and Color

  • Finish: 400 Degree Bake/Steel Grit Shot Blast to Bright Metal
  • Powder Coat: TGIC Polyester Powder Coat, White / Black / Yellow / Blue / Red / Green / Sapphire Blue / Dark Gray
  • Decals:  Hi-Visibility Reflective Package  


  • 10’9″ Gooseneck with 72″ Swing Clearance, Shortens Overall Length of Trailer
  • Gooseneck Liquid Filled Weight Gauge
  • Fenders for 11’9″ Gooseneck
  • Fenders for 10’9″ Gooseneck
  • Aluminum Cover Plate (HD 1/8″ x 80″ long) (#168531)
  • Gooseneck LED Lights (2 Stop/Turn and 1 White Work Light)(per side)
  • Gooseneck Mud Flaps
  • Bolt-On Chain and Binder Rack Between Lock Arms

PC Combo (Paver/Construction) Options – ( Special Frame Required) Front Approach Options:

  • Pivots for Manual Ramps, Double Outrigger Bracket & D-Ring (#209999)
  • Pivots for Manual Ramps, Double Outrigger Bracket, D-Ring *Traction Bar (#209999 + #210000)
  • Assist Ramp (Pin Front Approach) (#209999 + #210000 + #213373)
  • 24″ Flip Over Ramp (Construction Style)-Includes Pivot Pins (#209999 + #210000 + #210001)
  • Bi-Fold Paver Ramp (Paver Style-Track Area)-Includes Pivot Pins (#209999 + #180837)
  • Center Aluminum Wood Filled Ramps (with gooseneck Storage Rack) (2) (#182125)
  • Electric over Hydraulic Power-Lift Full Width Ramp (Extra Crossmembers Recommended)
  • Paver Slope Filler for Rear Trunnion
  • Removable Center Fill Deck for Boom Trough

835-Rear Trunnion 50:

  • Boom Trough Cover (Not available w/PC-Combo, Center Filler for Trunnion)
  • Flip Third Axle Assembly (60″ axle spacing)
  • Provision for Hydraulic Flip (Adds Components for Rear Trunnion and Bumper)
  • Hydraulic Flip for Flip Axle Assy
  • Full Covered Wheel Area (1/8″ Tread Plate(Non-Weight Bearing)Boom Trough Remains Open
  • Full Covered Wheel Area 1/4″ Plate (Weight Bearing) Boom Trough Remains Open
  • Steel Bolt-On Wheel Covers (Per Axle)(Weight Bearing) for 255 70R 22.5 Only
  • Bolt-On Poly Fenders (2 Axle) (Non-Weight Bearing)
  • Bolt-On Poly Fenders For Flip


  • Swing-Out Outrigger Plank, 1 set of 4 Boards 2 3/4″ T x 5″ W x 84″L (Part #163580)
  • Outrigger Plank Storage Lock Downs


  • Magnetic LED Amber Warning Lights (360-degree Flashing, Battery Powered)
  • Strobing Light Package in Bumper (ea.) one required for trailer, one for Flip
  • Battery Back-up for Strobe Lights

Tie Down Rings:

  • Extra Flush Mounted D-Rings
  • Extra Flush Mounted Angled D-Rings

Deck and Accessories:

  • Center Filled Wood Deck – Apitong
  • Additional Center Storage Area Center Lower Deck
  • Lockable Hinged Cover for Storage Area
  • 3/8 x 3-1/2 Double Keyhole Strap Full-Length Lower Deck on Each side (For 3/8″ Chain Only)
  • Extra Crossmembers Full Width

Suspension and Undercarriage:

  • Air-Weigh Digital Scale System LoadMaxx
  • LoadMaxx ComLink Cable Kit (Cable connects trailer unit to tractor scale)

Hydraulic Power Source:

  • Wet Kit for Tractor (Includes 30 Gallon Steel Tank)-Shipped Loose w/Trailer; Factory Installed
  • Polished Aluminum Hyd Tank (19″W x 24″D) (Side Mt) in Lieu of Std
  • Hydraulic Quick Couplers 1 Male/1 Female (Matches Trailer)
  • 11 HP Honda Engine Pkg Gooseneck mounted w/Cover (Net 10.2 HP)

Tire and Rims:

  • 255/70R 22.5 Continental Tires in Lieu of Std (Price per Axle)
  • 255/70R 22.5 Michelin in Lieu of Std (Price per Axle)
  • Spare 255/70R 22.5 Double Coin Tire & Hub Pilot Type Rim
  • Spare 255/70R 22.5 Continental Tire & hub Pilot Type Rim
  • 22.5 Aluminum Wheel (10 bolt Polished) in lieu of Std (Each
  • Spare 255/70R 22.5 Michelin Tire & Hub Pilot Type Rim
  • 22.5 Aluminum Wheel (10 Bolt Machined) in lieu of Std (Each)
  • 22.5 x 8.25 Aluminum Wheel (10 bolt Dura-Brite) in lieu of Std(Each)(Avail w/Steel Inner Only)
  • Hubometer
  • Crossfire Air Equalizers (Price per Axle)
  • Meritor Tire Inflation / PSI (price per Axle)
  • Shock Straps (Price per Axle)
  • Dust Shields (Price per Axle)

Special Prices:

  • Hot Dip Galvanizing (Lower Deck and Trunnion) G/N Powder Coated Only
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing of Flip Axle Assy
  • Paint over Galvanizing-Sides Only of Lower Deck and Trunnion Slope w/STD Colors Only

Specifications Table

Model Capacity Base Weight Length Deck Axles Tires and Ply Rating
Model Capacity Base Weight Length Deck Axles Tires and Ply Rating
835-23-43 35 Ton Constult Factory 43′ 102″x22′7″ 2 (8) 255/70R 22.5 LRH
835-27-47 35 Ton Constult Factory 47′ 102″x26′7″ 2 (8) 255/70R 22.5 LRH
835-30-50 35 Ton Constult Factory 50′ 102″x29′7″ 2 (8) 255/70R 22.5 LRH
835-32-52 35 Ton Constult Factory 52′ 102″x31′7″ 2 (8) 255/70R 22.5 LRH
835-23-44 35 Ton Constult Factory 44′ 102″x22′7″ 2 (8) 255/70R 22.5 LRH
835-27-48 35 Ton Constult Factory 48′ 102″x26′7″ 2 (8) 255/70R 22.5 LRH
835-30-51 35 Ton Constult Factory 51′ 102″x29′7″ 2 (8) 255/70R 22.5 LRH
835-32-53 35 Ton Constult Factory 53′ 102″x31′7″ 2 (8) 255/70R 22.5 LRH

Line Drawing

Printable Line Drawing


*Capacity ratings are frame capacities only. Actual load capacities may be restricted by factors such as gross axle weight ratings (GAWR) or state and federal regulations.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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